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How Your A/C Performs in Extreme Heat

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Hot temperatures and humidity are no strangers to Ohio homeowners in the summer. Are you concerned about the operation of your air conditioner in this extreme heat?

AC Performance Expectations

DID YOU KNOW? Most A/C and heat pump systems in our region are only prepared to cool efficiently up to approx. 90 degrees.

Because cooling systems are only designed to keep your home up to 20 degrees cooler than the outdoor temperature, once that outdoor temperature soars above the 90-degree level, you can expect to feel a few degrees of inconsistency with the indoor cooling temperature.

In addition to this, you can also expect the system to run a lot more than normal — near continuous in some instances.

What does this mean for you?

Don’t fret it when it feels like your air conditioner isn’t quite reaching the temperature you set it to; this is completely normal for these hot, hot days.

For example, if you typically set your AC thermostat temperature to 70 degrees, when it’s 97 degrees outside, you shouldn’t expect your indoor temperature to continue to hit 70. If anything, it may only get and stay cooling indoors down to 77 degrees. This is to be expected. As long as you can feel cool air coming from your vents, your air conditioner is doing it’s job to cool the home as best as it can.

Ways To Help Your AC Performance In Extreme Heat

Instead, here are some things you can try to combat that extra heat in your home and help your air conditioner perform better…

  • Close The Shades: Keep window treatments shut during the day when the sun is out.
  • Turn Ceiling Fans OnKeep air moving in the rooms you frequent most.
  • Use Exhaust FansKeep heat and humidity from forming in your kitchen and bathrooms.
  • Cook OutsideKeep the excess heat outside and use the grill instead of the oven.
  • Stay HydratedDrink plenty of cold water to help regulate your body temperature.
  • Check Your Furnace Filter: Your ac is likely operating nonstop during a heat wave. Make sure that you are helping your system by utilizing a CLEAN furnace filter.

When To Call For AC Service

Is it the heat, or are you really experiencing an a/c breakdown? If you are seeing (and feeling) more than a handful of degrees temperature swing from what your thermostat is set at during these hot days and your system is blowing warm air, you could be experiencing an air conditioner break down.

Read our blog on things to try BEFORE you make the call for help »

If you are concerned about the operation of your system due to its age or condition, give our experts a call at (800) 564-2611.

Schedule a service call or free in-home estimate today with our friendly team in Dayton, Columbus, and Cincinnati and have a COOL SUMMER!

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