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How To Transition From Heating To Cooling Season

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While the colder weather continues to come and go through this stretch of spring, homeowners may be getting anxious to turn off the heat and get their air conditioners ready for warmer weather

As we are wrapping up the heating season and getting your air conditioner prepped for the cooling season, here are a few quick tips that will make your home comfortable for the warm weather that will be moving into the region. 

Tips To Prep Your FURNACE For Spring

Tip #1 – Clean your furnace condensate drain by pouring vinegar or bleach down the drain. This will help unclog any buildup in the drain from the heating season.

Tip #2 – Turn the dial on the whole-home humidifier from the winter to the summer setting, close the water line to your furnace, and turn your humidistat off. 

Tip #3 – Change your furnace filter (and continue to do so every month) to allow proper airflow from your HVAC system

Tips To Prep Your AIR CONDITIONER For Spring

Tip #1 – Check for debris like dirt, sticks, or weeds around your outside A/C unit. Make sure nothing has gotten into or around the outdoor unit, preventing your air conditioner from operating correctly. 

Tip #2 – If it’s above 55 degrees Fahrenheit, try turning your A/C on to make sure it works for the cooling season. We recommend having seasonal maintenance performed by one of our service technicians to avoid any cooling issues throughout the summer. 

Tip #3 – If your air condtioner is questionable and you don’t expect it to last the season, it’s time to get a new ac estimate. Get a free, in-home consultation and next-day installation to keep you comfortable all season long. 

Call our team of HVAC professionals to get your free in-home estimate today to replace your HVAC unit. Our team would also be happy to provide seasonal maintenance or repairs to your cooling system in the DaytonColumbus, and Cincinnati areas. 

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