How To Clean Your Furnace Drain

Cleaning your house is important, and while you clean the significant areas, you also need to get in those small areas. You may not think of cleaning parts of your HVAC system as part of your routine, but you may want to add cleaning your furnace drain; you'll only have to do it twice a year. Cleaning your furnace drain is essential so you don't find yourself in an emergency situation.

When you clean your furnace drain, it will keep buildup flushed out and prevent blockages. These blockages can cause water to back up in the drain until it gets too full and overflows onto the floor, causing an emergency. Follow our two easy steps and watch the video below as Craig, a service technician shows you how to clean your furnace drain.

  1. Pull cap off of the condensate drain tube.
  2. Pour a mixture of vinegar and water down the condensate drain tube until you hear it drain out the other end. Pouring in the mixture should clear the buildup of sediment from the tube from the last six months or since your last maintenance visit. 

The best time to clean your furnace drain is late summer when you transition from using your air conditioner to using your furnace. You will also want to clean the furnace drain out again in late spring when the furnace is no longer being used as we transition into warmer weather.

Regular maintenance from the Logan Services team includes cleaning out the heating/cooling system drain for you. If we are cleaning out the furnace drain, you may see us drop a small tablet in the drain to help prevent the growth of algae, moss, or anything of that nature.

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If you need routine maintenance, you can call our friendly team today and set up a maintenance plan in Dayton, Columbus, or Cincinnati