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Home Resolutions For The New Year

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We made it through the holiday season and into the New Year! While many of us are still recovering from the travel and hustle and bustle of the past month, others may already be motivated to get started on some home resolutions for 2019.

Looking for a good place to start? Check out our list of recommended tips to jumpstart your New Year!

Clean Out Your Refrigerator & Pantry

Now is a great time to check your refrigerator and pantry for perishable items that have reached or surpassed their ‘best buy’ date.

Throw Out Expired Medications

Similar to your kitchen food perishables, you may also have a medicine cabinet full of expired medications that have collected throughout the year and this cold and flu season.

Collect Items To Donate

Ready to make room for new gifts you received during the holidays? Start the year off by cleaning out your closets and gathering items that have gone unused and consider dropping off donations to your preferred local charity.

Get Organized

Tired of fighting that cluttered closet, cabinet, room, or phone/computer? Take the time to declutter and organize your clothing, cleaning supplies, files, emails and even digital photos taken over the holiday season.

Find Ways To Save Money At Home

There are many ways to reduce your home energy usage that can make a significant impact on your wallet throughout the new year. Consider upgrading old appliances, replacing bulbs with energy efficient lighting, setting up your HVAC system with a programmable thermostat, and stocking up on furnace filters to ensure that you are prepared to replace them routinely.

Plan Your Home Improvement Projects

Start to think about the projects you’d like to pursue this year to improve your home. Gather ideas and consider making financial preparations to make your home improvement goals a reality this year! Consider attending any number of Home & Garden Shows coming to your area this season to meet and hire local pros!

From all of us at Logan A/C & Heat Services, have a very happy, healthy and comfortable New Year!

Let our team know if we can help with any home heating or cooling needs you may have this season!

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