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The Best Ways To Start Your Spring

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It’s the day we’ve all been waiting for… the first day of spring! With the warmer weather, everyone is beginning to venture out of their homes and take part in all sorts of fun. Here are a few ways you can celebrate the coming of spring.

  • Take a scenic hike or bike ride
  • Enjoy a picnic with friends or family
  • Start planting your garden
  • Participate in March Madness brackets
  • Get ready for the opening day of baseball season

While you’re finding fun ways to enjoy the coming of spring, don’t forget to prepare your home for the warmer weather.

Clean Around Your A/C

While you’re doing your spring cleaning, don’t forget to clean around your air conditioner or heat pump. Make sure that the unit is clear of any debris that has been left behind from the storms we faced through the winter and trim back any branches or shrubs that may be growing too close. Cleaning should also include the gutters above your air conditioner so that nothing will fall into your outdoor unit.

Change Your Furnace Filter

Despite the warm weather, you should continue to change the air filter in your furnace throughout the warmer months. These filters are used all year long as you circulate the air in your home with your heating and cooling system.

Schedule A Tune-Up

Early spring is the best time to have your air conditioner tuned up for the season. Our team will make sure your system will keep your home comfortable all through the warmer months of the year. Our tune-ups include:

  • Testing the cooling system for proper function
  • Inspecting the condition of the main system components
  • Making any necessary adjustments to the system for factory settings and standards
  • And more!

Change Batteries

Make sure to start off your spring with fresh batteries in your smoke detector and carbon monoxide detector in order to keep your family safe (and avoid the loud alarm of low batteries).  Also, if your thermostat uses batteries, make sure to change them as well.

Prepare A Phone List For Weather Emergencies

The warm-up of spring brings storm season. Make sure you have a list of phone numbers ready, both in your cell phone and written down, of emergency contacts. This should include your local utility providers, as well as Logan A/C & Heat Services, just in case you should have any damage to your HVAC system.

No matter how you choose to spend your first day of spring, stay comfortable and enjoy the beautiful days that are arriving soon.
It’s not too early to start thinking about air conditioner replacement if this is the year! You can even request a free in-home estimate online »

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