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5 Things to Know When Buying a Furnace

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Are you or someone you know planning to replace their furnace this season?

There are many variables that come into play when choosing the best heating solution for your home. Furnace replacement should be customized to your home, your needs, and your budget.

If furnace replacement is on the list of upcoming home improvement projects, the following are 5 things you should know when you are shopping for a new furnace:

Current Furnace Assessment

Because every home is different, there should be an assessment of the layout of your house and your current ductwork before you get a quote for a new furnace. When the heat in your house isn’t consistent from room to room, you might have a ducting problem and the ductwork may need to be expanded, repaired, or restructured. This is also a good time to share any comfort concerns you may have with how your furnace has performed in the past.

Furnace Brands

During your consultation, our comfort experts can show you the different HVAC brands we offer (TraneRheem, and Mitsubishi) to best meet your needs. It’s important to know that not all heating and cooling brands are equal or made the same, so the pricing and quality can vary drastically; you should be well-informed early in your shopping process to ensure you are selecting the right system for your home and your budget.

Furnace Size

A furnace that is too small won’t be able to keep your house comfortable in the winter. A furnace that is too big will cycle on and off more often, causing system components to break down faster. In general, an improperly sized system will cause a significant waste of energy, so make sure that your HVAC system is sized properly for your home.

Furnace Efficiency

The furnace industry has a rating system that measures the efficiency of a furnace by the percentage of fuel that is successfully used during the operation. The higher the percentage, the more efficient that particular furnace is. This translates into fewer emissions being generated, which makes it more environmentally friendly. Some new furnace models have a percentage into the high 90s.

Furnace Costs

Should you get a furnace that costs less but is also less efficient (meaning you will pay more for utilities), or should you spend more on the furnace initially and recoup the money you spent in the saved energy bills you will be paying in the future? Your comfort expert from Logan A/C & Heat Services will be able to show you their best recommendations to find the most suitable heating system for your home and for your budget.

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