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4 Reasons Why A Mini Split System May Be For You

Indoor Mini-Split Ductless System

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When there is blistering heat in the summer and freezing cold throughout the winter, you want to be assured that you can retire to your home to enjoy a comfortable temperature no matter what is going on outside. As you consider different heating and cooling systems, weigh these 4 benefits that you could enjoy by choosing a mini split system:

No Ductwork Needed

The biggest thing that sets this system apart from the other options is that it’s ductless. You won’t need to install ducts in your home or bother with the maintenance and cleaning that comes along with them. Also, ducts tend to trap mold, allergens, insects, dirt, debris, and other things that could pollute your airways, so you end up with better-quality air by using a system that does not require ducts.

Compact Size

The mini split heating and cooling system is small and compact, so you have a lot of flexibility as to where to put it. You can choose to focus the heat in a particular area of your home, which will save on your energy bill.By choosing a mini split, your energy bill could be reduced up to 25-50%.

High Efficiency

Without the use of ducts, you will have minimal energy loss. Studies have shown that ducts are responsible for 30% of all energy consumption. Taking ducts out of the equation will help you continue to save money and efficiently keep your home at your desired temperature.

Quiet Operation

This heating and cooling system is the quietest option on the market. You won’t have a loud unit rumbling and making it difficult to hear what’s happening throughout your home. The indoor units can operate as low as 19 dB(A) – that’s quieter than a whisper!

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