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Quality Trane Heating & Cooling Installation

Our customers gain peace of mind when they replace their HVAC system with a new Trane system installed by Logan Services. Check out photos of our happy customers with their new Trane air conditioners, heat pumps and furnaces!

Why Choose Logan Services To Install Your Trane HVAC System?

Now that you’ve selected Trane as your preferred brand, understand that the company that installs the equipment is just as important as the quality of the manufacturer. Logan Services is proud to be the #1 Volume Residential Trane Dealer in the nation! Give us a call at 844-567-3200 for your Trane heating and cooling project today!

When you Logan A/C & Heat Services of Dayton, Columbus, and Cincinnati to install your Trane heating and cooling system, you can expect the highest standards in the industry!

Which Trane System Is Right For Your Home?

HVAC replacement is often a very unfamiliar project for homeowners, as many systems will last 12-20+ years. When it’s time to tackle heating and cooling replacement, understand that you do have options! Explore the Trane equipment that our team can offer you at a fair and affordable price.

Move Your Trane HVAC Replacement Project Forward

Researching your home heating and cooling replacement project online is a great place to start – but you may be surprised just how informational and beneficial a consultation with a Logan Services representative can be. Let our team assist in providing you with the best Trane HVAC equipment options for your home.

Here are 5 reasons to take advantage of our in-home estimates:

Our Appointment Times Are Flexible

We welcome all of your questions and will take the time to provide answers in detail. In turn, we also have questions to ask in order to make sure we find that perfect solution to your comfort needs.

Yes! We’ll be happy to walk you through the qualification process for credit both prior to or while meeting with you at your home.

Our team wants to have more of a conversation than a one-way sales pitch. No need to “guess-timate” your heating and cooling system cost; we learn about your home heating and cooling concerns, as well as your comfort needs in order to give you an exact price for your best system. Included in the quote is: the equipment, install cost, financing, and rebates that are available.

At your estimate appointment, you’ll learn about the Trane equipment we offer AND our family culture, and how we take great care of our customers.

Your complimentary appointment is your opportunity to get that free advice from the experts! We are the #1 Volume Trane Dealer in Ohio for residential systems! Our team cares about you and the comfort of your home, and we are proud to serve you, your neighbors, family, and friends in the Dayton, Cincinnati, and Columbus areas.

Do We Service Your Area?

Seasonal Promotions on Trane HVAC Equipment

Interested in getting a quote on a Trane HVAC system for your home? Check out our current promotions for your Trane air conditioner, furnace, or heat pump replacement!

NEW OFFER: Enjoy savings up to $2,700 with a qualifying Trane heating and cooling system purchase*! Learn about different system combinations that can best benefit your home comfort and book a free estimate today!
When you purchase a qualifying home heating and cooling system, you may take advantage of 0% APR financing for 72 Months²! Minimum purchase of $5,000 required.
DID YOU KNOW: Qualifying HVAC system upgrades in 2024 can earn you tax credit opportunities of up to $2,600! Don’t let these rebates go to waste this year! Make the upgrade and take advantage of these limited-time incentives!
Take advantage of the Comfort For Heroes promotion with Logan Services and Mitsubishi Electric for instant rebates of up to $1,100 with the purchase and installation of a qualifying system.
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