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Durastar HVAC Equipment

Durastar is a prominent name in the HVAC industry, and it has high-quality air conditioner units suitable for almost any home. If you’ve been considering replacing your current air conditioner or installing a new Durastar system, understanding what makes the brand unique will help you make an informed decision regarding the brand. This includes what sets Durastar’s technology apart and the services provided by Logan Services that make them a go-to choice for homeowners in Dayton, Columbus, and Cincinnati, Ohio.

Durastar HVAC Equipment

Durastar stands out in the HVAC market for its deeply embedded principles of quality construction, rigorous performance testing, and consumer-friendly value. As a top manufacturer of HVAC equipment, Durastar is one of the air conditioner brands that Logan Services is proud to offer as a ductless heating and cooling solution for our customers throughout Ohio.

This manufacturer has a wide selection of HVAC systems for you to install in your home. All the products from Durastar are made with the highest-quality, heavy duty materials to ensure they are long-lasting, especially when routine maintenance is performed. Durastar offers some of the best products on the market for mini split air conditioners and heat pumps.

Advantages of Durastar

Each Durastar HVAC product is meticulously crafted from heavy duty, high-quality materials designed to endure harsh weather conditions while safeguarding the intricate machinery within. Whether it’s their split indoor unit, heat pump, or another one of their products, Durastar’s reliability is unmatched.

These units boast an intelligent design that minimizes operational noise and ensures user-friendly interaction. The brand’s commitment to reliability is further underscored by its stringent factory testing protocols, ensuring that every unit installed operates with unmatched efficiency and endurance.

Recognizing the importance of affordability without compromising on quality, Durastar offers cost-effective ductless HVAC solutions that promise substantial energy savings. This, combined with their technology that optimizes airflow, guarantees consistent comfort across all seasons, making Durastar HVAC equipment an excellent choice for those seeking efficiency, durability, and value in their heating and cooling systems.

Durastar aims to provide high-quality HVAC products that perform consistently and are accessible at a value that’s friendly to everyone. Durastar was founded on three key considerations: quality, value, and reliability. It’s these three qualities that make them one of the manufacturers that Logan Services offers to our customers.

The benefits of Durastar systems are major selling points, but ensuring that you take care of your Durastar system will allow you to keep it in the best possible condition for as long as possible. Logan Services can install your new Durastar air conditioner or heat pump and provide the routine maintenance to prolong its lifespan like:

  • Annual maintenance plans
  • Scheduled tune-ups and inspections
  • Filter changes and cleaning
  • Monitoring refrigerant levels
  • Checking electrical connections
  • Lubricating parts

Durastar HVAC System Replacement

Logan Services makes the process simple when it’s time to replace an aging or failing HVAC system. Our consultative approach considers your home’s needs and budget to recommend the best system for your home. Key steps we handle:

  • In-depth site evaluation and load calculations
  • Model recommendations from leading brands
  • Permitting and documentation for install
  • Safe removal and disposal of old HVAC equipment
  • Expert installation meeting all codes
  • Testing and adjustments for peak performance

Regardless of the Durastar product you want for your home, Logan Services can help you with repairs, installation, and replacements of any of their systems.

Logan Services in Ohio

With decades of serving Ohio homeowners, customer satisfaction remains our top priority. We build trust through quality work, fair pricing, and personalized care. Our technicians take time to explain issues and solutions to give customers peace of mind. We work with industry standard warranties, too, so you can get the best service possible from us and the manufacturer.

Our services encompass everything about your HVAC system. Whether you need repairs, maintenance, replacements, or new installations, we’ll be there to help you with what you need. We provide free estimates so you know what to expect with the cost and what our process is. All our techs are professional, trained well, and will ensure you’re involved in every step of the process.

For your Durastar installation or any other HVAC services, contact Logan Services today.

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Durastar HVAC Equipment in Ohio

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