AC Installation Services Cincinnati, OH

An effective and reliable air conditioning system is important when you live in the Cincinnati area. Ohio summers are known for heat and humidity and can be relentless when you don’t have a proper AC system in your home. If you’ve been struggling to keep comfortable indoors, it might be time to explore options for better, more effective home cooling with a new air conditioner installation.

Read on to learn when it’s best to consider new AC equipment installation and what you should expect when hiring our Cincinnati heating and home cooling company at Logan Services.

Signs It’s Time to Buy a New ACTrane A/C

While many people wait to replace their air conditioner or heat pump until the cooling system has finally broken, there are some telltale signs to watch out for so you can stay ahead of an untimely AC retirement.

  • Frequent AC Repairs: Consider our ‘3-strike rule’ for keeping cool. If you’ve had to repair your air conditioner 3 times in the cooling season, replacing the system may be more cost-effective. Take control of your home comfort and find peace of mind with the reliability of a new air conditioner installation.
  • Spike In Utility Bills: Have you seen a surge in your electric bill with no extreme weather to warrant it? This could result from an air conditioner that has lost efficiency through age or malfunction. Upgrade your air conditioner to one with a higher seer rating to help drive down energy usage and save money on your utility bills.
  • System Age Is 12+ Years Old: It’s no secret: normal wear and tear of constant AC operation will likely result in a loss in efficiency and comfort. If your cooling equipment is creeping past 12 years old, you could benefit from newer technology for increased comfort and energy efficiency. If you’ve lacked in scheduling regular maintenance, your air conditioner could even be ready for retirement prior to the 12-15 year mark.
  • Furnace Replacement Is Necessary: While you might not know this, your furnace and air conditioner work together to keep your home comfortable year-round. If you experience a furnace breakdown and require a replacement, it’s recommended by experts to also upgrade the air conditioner for system compatibility.

Your Trusted AC Installation Contractors Near You

Logan Services is proud to offer professional air conditioner installation in your Cincinnati neighborhood. Our team has been providing professional AC replacement services since 1969. We are proud to have been a finalist in Cincinnati’s Best of the Best competition in 2021 for Cincinnati HVAC Companies.

Read thousands of our customer reviews about our air conditioner installation online on Google, Angi, BBB, and Home Advisor.

Our AC Installation Process

At Logan A/C & Heat Services, we pride ourselves on our quality and professional AC system installation.

Step 1: We Pick Up Your Equipment

Before coming to your home, Logan Services HVAC installers will arrive at our office to pick up your air conditioning equipment. When they are dispatched to your address, you will receive a text message informing you they are on the way. This message will also include a photo of the lead installer for reference.

Step 2: Meet & Greet Our Installation Team

When our installation team arrives (usually consisting of 2-3 installers), they will introduce themselves to you and explain what work they will be performing. They will ask to be shown the areas needed for cooling equipment installation (the thermostat, the basement/furnace, and the existing air conditioner, etc.).

Step 3: We Will Prepare Your Home

Once we get acquainted with the workspaces, we will then begin preparing for the AC replacement. We will lay drop cloths indoors in areas that will be walked through frequently. Our team will then work on removing any old equipment to be replaced.

Step 4: Our HVAC Installation Begins

The fun part begins! We will unbox your new AC unit and begin the set-up process. This is the timeliest part of the day, but our team is trained to be efficient yet thorough with your new cooling equipment installation.

Step 5: Start Up & Testing of New Equipment

Once we’ve connected and set up the new HVAC products, it’s now time to turn on the system and thoroughly check that the equipment is operating at manufacturer settings.

Step 6: Explain Thermostat & System Operation

After we’ve tested the system, we will explain to you how to control the thermostat. If applicable, we will help you set up your thermostat app on your phone/tablet.

Step 7: Clean Up & Questions

Finally, it’s time to tidy up our workspace and answer any questions you may have after we’ve completed the new air conditioner installation.

Enjoy the care and comfort that our HVAC installation team will bring to your home. Schedule an estimate for AC replacement today!

Benefits of Professional Air Conditioning Installation in Cincinnati

Choose our HVAC company in Cincinnati for your professional home cooling installation and experience total peace of mind with your home comfort. AC system replacement is not a ‘DIY’ project, and by using a professional HVAC contractor like Logan Services, you’ll enjoy the following benefits:

  • Access to quality products, such as Trane, Rheem, and Mitsubishi
  • Professional recommendations for your home based on square footage, comfort concerns, and energy efficiency needs
  • Expert HVAC installation
  • Fair and affordable pricing with discounts and financing options available
  • Award-winning customer service
  • Peace of mind with a company that stands by their work

When you partner with our team, you can expect to be treated like family. Contact us today to get started.

Why Choose Us For AC Installation In Cincinnati?

When it’s time to replace your air conditioner, it’s important to know that the HVAC contractor you choose to install the system is equally as important as the brand and specification of the AC equipment. Your decision to select an HVAC contractor for your air conditioner replacement should be based on the following:

  • Company Reputation: The HVAC company you choose should stand by its work. At Logan Services, we proudly showcase thousands of reviews that our customers have shared with our team and on third-party review sites, such as Google. In addition to numerous online testimonials, we are also excited to share photos of our recent furnace and air conditioner installations. Countless homeowners in the Cincinnati area have taken the professional advice of our comfort experts and have enjoyed the benefits!Friendly team
  • Value Of Products & Promotions: Logan Services is the #1 volume Trane Dealer in Ohio! We are your go-to provider for Trane HVAC equipment. Trane is an industry favorite amongst consumers because of its systems' reliability and durability. When we put system combinations together for you in your HVAC quote, they will include all the available promotions, rebates, and financing options that will make the most of your purchase. Many of our customers also take their heating and cooling replacement as an opportunity to improve their indoor air quality with clean air products, such as UV lights, electronic air cleaners, and whole-home humidifiers.
  • Customer Service: Your AC installation experience doesn’t start or end on the day of the air conditioner replacement. Logan Services strives to make your HVAC upgrade the best experience possible. From the initial estimate appointment booking to the annual maintenance visits post installation, our responsiveness and customer satisfaction are like no other. 
  • Experience & Training: What makes a great heating and cooling installation team? At Logan Services, our team enjoys countless training opportunities throughout the year in our on-site Training Center and in the field. Our installation teams have many years of experience, so they are well-versed and industry experts on the equipment replacement we offer.
  • Fast, Friendly Service: It’s never a great time to have your AC unit break down; however, when it does, there’s a good chance that it will be during extreme weather. When timeliness is a priority, Logan Services is up for the challenge. We have a warehouse full of air conditioning equipment, both Trane and Rheem, to allow for next-day system installation. In addition to our speed and responsiveness, we also pride ourselves on the professionalism and friendliness of our team. We genuinely appreciate the opportunity to earn your business, and we will treat you like family while we work to bring comfort back into your home.

For the best AC products, installation team, promotional savings, and home comfort investment choose the award-winning team at Logan Services for your air conditioning system replacement project in Cincinnati. Request service or free HVAC installation estimates from our fast, friendly team today!


How much does AC installation cost?

Multiple factors influence the cost of a new air conditioner, including equipment brand, sizing, efficiency, technology (one-stage vs. two-stage vs. fully variable speed), and whether your furnace is compatible with new AC technology. It’s best to schedule a free estimate from an expert to get the most accurate pricing and options for your AC system replacement project.

Can I install an air conditioner by myself?

Typically, you cannot purchase new, quality HVAC equipment without a contractor’s license. The manufacturers that sell their air conditioners want to ensure that they are installed correctly, so they partner with HVAC companies on a local level to sell and distribute their products. A lot goes into proper air conditioning system replacement, so we never recommend this ‘DIY’ project or attempting to install an AC on your own. Always choose a professional HVAC company for central air installation.

Should I replace my 20-year-old air conditioner if it’s still working?

Even though your 20+-year-old AC is working, it may not operate as efficiently as a new system. We always recommend being proactive with AC replacement, so you don’t find yourself with an untimely breakdown on the hottest day of the summer.