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Trane Heating And Cooling Systems

It’s been said many times that “It’s Hard To Stop A Trane,” which is why the manufacturer is one of the best-known names in the HVAC industry. Trane Technologies’ reliability and innovation are just two reasons why we’re proud to offer a wide selection of heating and cooling systems.

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What Trane HVAC Equipment We Supply

Whether you’re looking for a heating or cooling system, the HVAC brand we offer will have a solution. One of the most trusted Trane furnace dealers in the business, we carry and install an extensive inventory of Trane systems. You can rest assured that when you purchase from us, you’ll receive some of the most reliable, effective, and efficient equipment on the market today.

Air Conditioners

In addition to being quiet, energy-efficient, and durable, many of Trane’s air conditioners also feature the Trane TruComfort™ system. This allows them to run at the precise speed needed to keep up with outside temperatures. Our Trane A/C repair service ensures your comfort no matter the conditions.

Customize your cooling and save energy along the way.
Enjoy cooling with an AC unit that’s both quiet and energy efficient.
Keep your home cool with this energy-efficient AC system.
Save energy while staying cool with this highly efficient air conditioner system.
Keep cool through the warmer months with an air conditioner system that’s built to last.
Experience an excellent blend of energy efficiency and value.


Trane furnaces provide some of the best performance found anywhere along with exceptional heating efficiency. Select models of our gas furnaces also include the ComfortLink™ II technology which connects key components of your HVAC system and automatically calibrates them for optimal operation.

Enjoy communicating HVAC technology, energy savings, and whole-home comfort.
Customize your comfort with two heating stages.
Keep your home and budget comfortable with an affordable high efficiency furnace.
Experience enhanced comfort, efficiency, and diagnostics with two-stages of heating and advanced Link™ communicating technology.
Try a durable heating solution that offers exceptional comfort and value.
Achieve reliable, all-around comfort with this budget-friendly option.

Heat Pumps

Get the flexibility of a single system for your heating and cooling needs with the dependability that our preferred manufacturer provides. We carry numerous Trane heat pump models, and our expertise means we can have any of them operating in your home as soon as possible.

Experience one of the most efficient systems around and stay cozy all year long.
Save energy while staying cool with this highly efficient system.
Enjoy flexible comfort with a heat pump that can efficiently cool or warm every room of your home.
Relax in consistent comfort with this dependable, energy-efficient heat pump.
Achieve an excellent blend of efficiency and value with one of our most affordable systems.
Experience the power of dependable heating and cooling for your home.

Clean Air

Keep the air inside your house clean with a CleanEffects™ purifier. Its patented technology removes up to 99.98 percent of airborne allergens and pollutants, including mold, mildew, and bacteria. That makes this system eight times more effective than most HEPA room filters.

Reduce allergens with a whole-house filtration system.

Why Choose Logan A/C and Heat Services?

For more than 50 years, we have served homeowners throughout the DaytonColumbus, and Cincinnati areas. Our Trane installers have the skills and experience necessary to provide virtually any services your HVAC systems need, from installation and replacement to maintenance and repair. As a proud Trane air conditioning dealer, we’re dedicated to supplying our customers with the best equipment from manufacturers renowned for their high quality and dependability. When you turn to us, the end result is a living space that offers more comfort and saves you money on utility bills.

Logan Services Receives National Trane Award

Logan Services is proud to accept a highly prestigious, national award: The Director’s Cup! The Trane Director’s Cup award is an honor to receive and is a symbol of the great partnership that we have with Consumer’s Choice’s “Most Reliable Central Air Conditioning Systems” brand. Through the variety of equipment offerings and the volume of high-quality heating and cooling replacement installations we are able to provide to homeowners in the Dayton, Columbus, and Cincinnati areas, we’ve been able to set ourselves apart from other providers.

Our team at Logan Services is appreciative to be recognized on a national level for our commitment to excellence. Our dedication to providing our customers with great HVAC products and replacement experience is what makes Logan Services a preferred dealer in our region. Read more about this award

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