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What Does An HVAC Service Call Entail?

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When you find, or rather FEEL, that there is an issue with your heating and cooling system, you call a professional to your home. Logan Services has a team of experienced service technicians that go above and beyond to identify and fix any HVAC issues

Our team has a specific and thorough diagnostic check that they go through to find and fix any issues you are having with your air conditionerheat pump, or furnace. Below we will explain our service technicians’ processes to get your HVAC system running as it should be. 

Prepare For Your HVAC Service Call

1) Read and check notes from previous visits or calls with the customers. 

2) Make a plan the notes and consider the possible scenarios on how the heating or cooling issue could have occured. 

3) Arrive at the customers house at the scheduled time with the proper tools and materials to keep the home clean, like drop cloths and shoe covers. 

Discuss Your HVAC System Concerns

4) Introduce ourselves to the customer and discuss the HVAC system concerns

5) Listen and take notes of the conversation to ensure proper documentation of the concerns and issues with the HVAC system

6) Let the customer know that we will be looking over the heating/cooling system to see what could be causing the issue. 

Begin The Expert HVAC Diagnostics

7) Start the indoor unit (furnace) and check any possible restrictions within the system. Look for any apparent issues to discuss with the customer. 

8) Locate the problem with the HVAC system

9) Be mindful of and locate any additional issues that could be happening with the HVAC system

Explain The Heating or Cooling Diagnosis

10) Bring the customer to the heating/cooling system that is having malfunctions, and show them the problem first hand. 

11) Explain how and why the HVAC problem could have occurred. 

12) Show and explain our expert solution to fixing the problem to the customer. 

13) Give advice and tips on things the customer can do to prevent the issue or any other malfunctions from happening again. 

Present Solutions, Quote for Repair and Fix the HVAC

14) Provide the customer’s best resolution and a quote to complete the work. If approved, make the repairs to the HVAC system

15) Clean up the areas we worked in and collect any pictures and tools needed; ensure we have taken care of all the customer’s concerns, and let them know to reach out if they encounter any other issues

We are grateful for the opportunity to help you with your Furnace and AC Repair needs. If you feel that you are experiencing an issue with your heating and cooling system, contact our team for a professional Service Technician from Logan Services to do a diagnostic check. We proudly serve the DaytonColumbus, and Cincinnati areas. 

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