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Ways To Alleviate Spring Allergies Inside Your Home

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We are well into the spring season, and as we begin to see more blooming flowers, green on trees, and the smell of fresh grass that has just been mowed, the consistent warmer temperatures are soon to follow.

In addition to all the great things that spring brings, it also brings seasonal allergies. While allergy symptoms are most commonly known to be triggered outdoors, they can also be stirred up indoors.

With allergies being everywhere during spring, it’s important to keep your indoor air clean and healthy for you and your family. There are many ways to help alleviate and even help prevent allergy symptoms.

Read on to learn 5 ways to help keep your allergy symptoms at bay:

1. Keep Your Windows Closed

While it may be tempting to open up the windows and welcome the spring breeze in your home, you could be letting in allergens, pollen, and other outdoor particles that trigger your allergy symptoms.

2. Dust And Vacuum Frequently

If you dust the surfaces in your home and vacuum your floors regularly, this can help a lot by reducing allergens that end up recirculating in your indoor air.

3. Have Your Ducts Cleaned

Ductwork in your home can be a collecting area for dust and allergens that you can’t see. Having your ducts cleaned can improve and make a huge difference in the air quality of the home.

4. Change Your Furnace Filter

Changing your filter monthly is always a good idea, because a clean filter helps to pull pollutants and allergens out of the air, while letting the proper amount of air flow through. If you feel like your regular filter isn’t doing the job, consider investing in a more advanced filter.

5. Add A Clean Air Product To Your HVAC System

A small but helpful addition in the home, adding a clean air product to your HVAC system can go a long way to helping to alleviate allergy symptoms indoors. A UV light purifier can help to treat the air in the whole home; even the smallest particles of dust and bacteria will be destroyed, which helps to reduce allergens and illnesses. Additionally, a Perfect Air Plus electronic air cleaner will help remove harmful allergens from the air and has up to a 97% capture rate of particles at .3 microns.

These tips can be easily incorporated into your home if you suffer from bad spring allergies.

Want to learn more? Read on to explore further these some comfort solutions:

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