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STAT WARS – May The Fourth Be With You

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Not so long ago in a neighborhood not so far away, homeowners were getting ready for warmer temperatures – wondering how they were going to keep control of the temperature setting on their thermostat. Does that describe you? Now that outdoor temperatures are getting warmer, has the outlook on indoor temperatures changed at home?

If you find yourself (or your family members) trying to turn the thermostat up or down, MAY THE FOURTH BE WITH YOU

Watch one of our Logan Services Comfort Consultants Zane P., tell you how to win the STAT WARS at home and explain how to keep your home cool without cranking down the thermostat.

What Does Humidity Control Have To Do With More Comfortable Temperatures Indoors?

It’s all about humidity control. Make sure your air conditioner can keep up with humidity levels. A good air conditioner is going to wring out the humidity in your home’s air. Drier (less humid) air is going to make your home feel more comfortable without having to lower the temperature setting.

Is It Possible To Eliminate Hot and Cold Spots Without Cranking Down The Thermostat?

Yes. Many two-story homes in the Cincinnati area have an upstairs temperature that is warmer than the downstairs in the summertime. That may be a sign you need to upgrade your air conditioner. If so, consider a two-stage or multi-stage A/C to help circulate your home’s air using less energy to eliminate temperature variance.

Why Shouldn’t Replacing Your A/C Be Dealt With As A Solo Project?

It’s not just old age that leads to A/C replacement, it’s under-sized equipment that just can’t keep up with the temperature setting. A heating and cooling system that is undersized isn’t going to do a good job of keeping you comfortable no matter what. In order to make things better, you’ll want to replace both the furnace and the A/C at the same time. 

Get Comfortable With The Dark Side

Be sensible of your surroundings and consider the below tips to save energy and keep your home cooler in the summer months:

  • Close curtains and blinds to keep the radiant heat that the sun produces out of the home.
  • Don’t leave exterior doors open to keep the warm, humid out.
  • Try to cook outside and not use heat-generating appliances like the oven/stove.
  • Get a programmable thermostat so you can keep track and set the temperature from your phone wherever you are. 

Your Kids Can Become Troopers In The Stat Wars Too

Teach your kids about heating and cooling too. Show them how to change the air filter (it will help with your system’s airflow). Show them your utility usage each month so they know just how important that the thermostat on the wall is.

Keep your comfort level in mind when setting the temperature for your home. If you feel that your HVAC system isn’t running efficiently (at your set temperature), give Logan Services a call. Our fast, friendly team can help in DaytonColumbus, and Cincinnati.

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