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How To Keep Pollen Out Of Your HVAC System

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Seasonal allergies can be miserable, and some of us suffer from allergies all year long. We know that pollen can affect us in different ways, but how can it affect your air conditionerPollen can’t hurt the air conditioner, but with it floating through the air, it can enter the home from the outdoor condenser unitPollen and other debris can also enter through small openings and cracks in the house called air infiltration.

You can do several things to keep pollen from messing with your indoor air quality and minimize air infiltration. Follow the suggestions below to keep your air clean and your allergies at bay.

Keep Windows Closed

We have a habit of opening the windows when the weather is mild, but opening your windows can let in multiple outdoor particulates and microbes. This outdoor debris can pollute your indoor air causing your allergies to act up. If you don’t have a clean air filter which aids indoor air quality in your home, you may never get relief from those allergies. 

Clean Debris Around The Outdoor HVAC Unit

Keep plants and weeds away from the outdoor condenser unitPollen may be released from nearby vegetation and blow or float into the HVAC unit. Make sure to remove anything growing around your air conditioner, or you can place gravel or paver bricks down to deter plant life from taking root. 

Upgrade and Change Filters

Keep filters changed regularly. Your heating and air conditioning system filters out pollen by circulating the indoor air through a filter up to six times each hour. The longer your filter sits without being changed, the more pollen, dust, pet hair, and other debris will collect inside your system. The filter may become clogged which can lead to system failure.

For even cleaner air, you may consider upgrading your HVAC system filter to a Perfect Air Plus (PAP) filter which electrically charges particles and removes harmful allergens. Logan Services also offers the Trane CleanEffects, a filter upgrade that uses air-cleaning technology to remove up to 99.98% of airborne allergens.

Get A Duct Cleaning

Even though pollen gets trapped in air filterspollen spores can still circulate into the air in your home and settle into the ductwork. In addition, microbes like mold and viruses can settle in the ductwork, and you could be breathing in those pollutants. Getting a duct cleaning will remove the dust and other contaminants hiding in your ducts.

Wash Your Air Conditioner

As a powder or residue, pollen doesn’t have the capability to clog your outdoor unit. However, if you see some of it settling on the outside of the outdoor unit, wash your A/C with your garden hose. Watch our video to learn more.

If you suffer from allergies and think your indoor air quality is lacking, call the friendly team at Logan Services. We offer and install multiple clean air products and provide duct cleaning services in DaytonColumbus, or Cincinnati

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