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How To Handle Thermostat Reminders and Error Codes

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Your thermostat is an essential part of your HVAC system. The thermostat not only functions to control your home heating and cooling system but, depending on the type of thermostat you have, it may also notify you when maintenance is recommended or something has gone array with the equipment.

If you’ve had a new HVAC system installed by Logan Services, there’s a good chance you are operating on a Nexia Smart Home thermostat. With this device, you cannot only control your home heating and cooling system from wherever you are, but you are also provided insight into the HVAC operation. The Nexia thermostat also allows you the opportunity to set and receive reminders for maintenance risks.

Read more about what to do when reminders or error codes pop up on your thermostat.

Furnace Filters & Service Reminders

Have you set up your Air Filter Reminders or System Service Reminders? These message reminders that came across the top of your thermostat are often pre-programmed in 30 days and six month increments. While we typically turn them off during the installation process, you may still see these reminders pop up on your screen. These notifications are not triggered by any air filter or service/maintenance performance issue; instead, they are strictly time-based to help you to keep on a good maintenance schedule.

The messages read as follows:

Air Cleaner Service Reminder:

The Air Cleaner Service Reminder has expired, indicating it’s time to replace your system Air Filter. If assistance is required, contact your servicing dealer. Press Remind Me Later to delay and action for 24 hours and/or press Reset once service has been completed.

System Service Reminder:

The System Service Reminder has expired, indicating the need to have your Heating/Cooling System serviced. Contact your servicing dealer for further assistance. Press Reminder Me Later to delay and action for 24 hours and/or press Reset once service has been completed.

NOTE: You can always turn these reminders off or change the alert times on the Nexia thermostat if needed.

Thermostat Error Codes

Unlike a Reminder Notification, an Error Code triggers when there may be an issue with the HVAC system. With so many different thermostat error codes (hundreds of them!), we won’t name them all, but some of the most common error codes are caused by communicating issues or airflow concerns. If you see an error code pop up on your screen, you may be able to click on it and learn more about the severity of the problem.

Making The Call For Help

You have an error codenow what? Our experts would suggest that you first reboot your thermostat at the circuit breaker box. This will sometimes clear out the code by resetting the system entirely, but there is no guarantee that the code won’t come back or that it resolves the issue altogether. If the code still shows after the rebooting, there could be underlying problems with the system that our customer service representatives can help you decipher an action plan. If there is a more severe issue with your HVAC system that your thermostat is alerting you to, we will offer you a service call with a Logan Services technician.

If you have any questions or are experiencing thermostat issues contact your local Logan Services team in DaytonColumbus, and Cincinnati. We are always happy to help provide you with answers and solutions to your heating and cooling needs.

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