How To Reboot Your 824/850 Wifi Trane Thermostat

How To Reboot Your 824/850 Wifi Trane Thermostat

Whether you are experiencing a blank thermostat or another technology glitch in your HVAC system, it's possible that your wifi 824/850 Trane thermostat will need to be rebooted.

You might find your system isn't reaching it's desired temperature, you are seeing an error message, or you lost power; in all of these scenarios, knowing how to reset your thermostat could come in handy to resuming proper operation of your heating and cooling system.

If you find that your wifi 824/850 Trane thermostat is not responding or communicating correctly with your system, here is the step-by-step process on how to reboot your thermostat:

How To Reboot Your Wifi 824/850 Trane Thermostat

Follow the following steps to reset your thermostat:

--> STEP #1: Go to your fuse box and turn the power OFF to anything associated with the HVAC system, including your furnace, ac, or heat pump; once off, turn the switches back ON (For best results, turn the air conditioner breaker back on prior to turning the furnace breaker back on).

--> STEP #2: Go to the thermostat and wait for the 'recalibrate' screen to appear. It may take a few minutes for the screen to load up.

--> STEP #3: The recalibrate screen is a blue screen, and you will only have 5 seconds to initiate the following step, or it will go away.

--> STEP #4: Locate and touch the "start" button in the middle of the blue screen. You will see 5 points that pop up one after the other; touch each point. This is how you calibrate the touchscreen.

--> STEP #5: After touching the 5 points, the thermostat will finish rebooting.


NOTE: If this is not done on the blue calibration screen, typically the thermostat still doesn't respond after cycling the power. It is important to wait for the blue calibration, touch start, then the 5 points for the thermostat to respond properly. 

If you find that you are still experiencing problems with your thermostat, you can contact the Logan Services team in our Dayton, Cincinnati, or Columbus offices for additional support.

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