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DIY Tips: Keep Your Family Safe and Warm This Heating Season

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The holidays are here, and chances are you are preparing to have family and friends enter your home to celebrate with you. You might be focused on cleaning your whole house, but what about keeping your home comfortable, safe, and warm for the days you’re all together?

furnace issue or breakdown can be frustrating, so take note of how you can help avoid trouble. Watch our video below and read on to learn some quick, last-minute things you can do for your HVAC system to help prevent an unnecessary furnace breakdown and keep your home and family comfortable and safe this season. 

Change Your Furnace Filter

standard furnace filter is recommended to be changed monthly to keep your furnace operating at full capacity. If you run your furnace with a dirty filter, you risk having restricted airflow, making the system work harder and potentially short cycle. When your furnace is strained, you run the risk of a furnace breakdown, and that’s something you don’t need during this busy time of year.

Flush Out Your Furnace Drain

Cleaning your HVAC drain will clear our any buildup from sediment or blockages, which can cause flooding and damage to your floors. It’s easy to clean your furnace drain, and in two-easy steps, you can flush out buildup and prevent blockages in your line. Watch our ‘how-to-video’ on cleaning furnace drains here >>

Clean Your Coil

If you have a heat pump system, making sure your evaporator coil on your outdoor unit is clean will ensure efficiency and will bring the max amount of heat into the home when operating on a warmer winter day. You can clean the coil by taking your graden hose and spraying it off, getting all sides top to bottom. Coil cleaning should only be done on a more mild-temperature day when the temperatures are well above freezing.

Have Active Carbon Monoxide Detectors

Carbon monoxide is a hazardous gas that could be fatal if present in your home. Having carbon monoxide detectors placed on each level of your home, especially in bedrooms, will alert you to minimize exposure. Carbon monoxide detectors should be checked annually, and batteries changed to keep them working correctly to keep your family safe. 

We hope that utilizing these ‘DIY tips’ will help bring you peace of mind and comfort this season!

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