Heat Pump Installation In Cincinnati, Columbus, And Dayton

People who own a heat pump know what year-long comfort feels like. If you use a heat pump, you can appreciate effective and efficient heating in winter, and wonderful cooling in summer. Most of the time, all you have to do is schedule routine maintenance from the expert heat pump contractors at Logan A/C and Heat Services and sit back and enjoy it. Once your heat pump gets toward the end of its natural life, we know that our heat pump installation will ensure you continue to get the best in heating and cooling.

Expert Installation for Your Heat Pump Makes a Difference

Each Ohio home is unique, which means its heating and cooling needs are different. Heat pumps are a great addition to Ohio homes, because they can efficiently extract heat from inside or outside and move it in the right direction. A professional ground source heat pump installation is a vital part of the package. Equipment installed properly can increase your energy efficiency and even make the heat pump last longer.

Serving Ohio since 1969, Logan A/C and Heat Services aims to provide you with a better guarantee that the inside temperature will always meet your needs. Our experienced technicians are qualified to install your new heat pump properly and confirm that everything works as intended. We partner with top manufacturers to bring you quality products to suit both your need for comfort and your specific budget. Plus, if you have additional questions or need additional information about your new heat pump, our excellent customer service team is here to help. We stand by our work, and our team is happy to provide any assistance needed to ensure that you are satisfied with your new heat pump.

We not only provide fast, friendly service, but also a commitment to 100% customer satisfaction on every job. Even better, when you work with us on your ducted heat pump installation, you’ll see that we treat our customers like family. We care about your comfort. That’s why we’re the company you can trust to get your heat pump installed accurately and efficiently.  

What Does Heat Pump Installation Cost?

An investment in your family’s comfort is always an important decision. That is why Logan A/C and Heat Services works so diligently to give you the best service for your hard-earned money. We put equipment and installation in a single package because improper installation can damage the heat pump or decrease its output. 

When you request an estimate, count on us to keep our pricing competitive and easy to understand, with financing options available if you are interested. Our goal is to install your purchase as quickly as possible, at your earliest convenience. Oftentimes, we can do it as soon as the next day. Once we have completed the job, we would love to talk to you about our maintenance plans to help your heat pump do its best. 

Ohio Areas We Serve

After 50 years in business in Ohio, we have gathered quite a positive reputation among professionals and homeowners in the area. We have an extensive team ready to serve you from three locations, and no matter where you live in our service area, we are here to provide the personal attention that our clients have come to love about us. Trust us for an expert heat pump install in Ohio, including Cincinnati, Columbus or Dayton! 

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We maintain a list of neighborhoods surrounding these metropolitan areas that you can browse to find your community. Feel free to call one of our locations directly or submit an online inquiry using any of the contact forms on our website. 

If you are thinking about replacing your heat pump, you cannot beat a fast and friendly heat pump installation from Logan A/C and Heat Services. Contact us to schedule an estimate today.

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