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3 Types Of Air Conditioners Explained [Video]

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When it comes to your air conditioner, you likely may not know (or care) how it works, just as long as it does. However, if ac replacement is in your near future, we’re here to tell you that HOW new system works is important because you have options the could impact your energy usage and overall home comfort

Did you know that there are different types of air conditioners, and they may use various types of technology while running during the summer season? In this article, we will cover single-stagetwo-stage, and fully variable air conditioning units and their cooling technology.

Read on and watch our Comfort Consultant, Allen, explain the different types of cooling systems and how the technologies work to keep your home cool. 

Single-Stage Air Conditioner Technology

single-stage air conditioner is built to run at one ac speed. No matter the weather (mild or extreme), it turns on and ramps up to max capacity and will run until the thermostat is satisfied with the temperature in the house. The constant on/off can cause additional wear and tear on your equipment. In addition, the continuous speed reduces efficiency and causes higher utility bills. These single stage systems aren’t as beneficial for your home as other options as they only run at one, constant speed. 

Two-Stage Air Conditioner Technology

two-stage cooling system better accommodates our weather in Ohio due to drastic temperature swings we experience. The two-stage cooling system runs at longer intervals at a slower speed to promote consistent temperatures. The 2-stage HVAC equipment adjusts usage based on the weather outside; it will run at 70% capacity for mild temperatures or 100% for extreme weather. Two-stage systems are more efficient than single-stage and help reduce energy usage

Fully Variable Air Conditioner Technology 

Variable speed air conditioners are built to run constantly, promoting balanced temperatures throughout your home. The variable speed ac system makes constant adjustments between low and high capacity using only the energy required, offering ultimate comfort and efficiency. In contrast with a two-stage HVAC, a fully variable Trane air conditioner operates at up to 750 stages to ensure you only use what is needed. As a result, you will experience lower utility bills, better dehumidification, and a longer lifespan on the cooling system

If you are running a single-stage air conditioner or are looking to upgrade to a two-stage or fully variable systemcontact our friendly team today to schedule an appointment or book online. We have inventory IN STOCK in DaytonColumbus, and Cincinnati to best suit your comfort needs

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