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Is there a thermostat war going on in your home? Watch our Logan Services expert, Chris M., talk about where your thermostat should be set and how you can feel warmer without bumping up the temperature.

Uneven temperatures make for a very uncomfortable home, one solution to inconsistent temperatures would be to upgrade to a variable speed heating and cooling system. Watch the video to see how we were able to help Denis with a new variable speed HVAC system.
Our company values are the driving force that keeps our team motivated and growing, and they allow us to hold ourselves to the highest standards in the industry. Watch our video to learn what makes the Logan Services team the best in the industry.

You've heard of spring cleaning, but equally important is the cleaning and maintenance tasks that can be performed at your home in the fall. Watch our Logan Services expert, Derec, talk about what you can do to have your furnace prepped and ready to go for the colder temperatures.

There are many things to know and keep track of with your heating and cooling system during the colder months. Watch our comfort consultant, Derec, as he explains what heating and cooling tips are 'truths or scares' when it comes to keeping your home comfortable this season.

As we go into colder temperatures this year, if your furnace or air conditioner breaks down, it's not uncommon to find that an animal has been the culprit. Watch the video and read on to learn about some of the most common animals that can wreak havoc on your HVAC system and what you can expect as a result.

If you find your HVAC system breaking down, not heating/cooling efficiently or it's just getting older it might be time to get a free in-home and replace it. Watch Andrea, a local Sales Coordination team member, explain how easy it is to schedule your free in-home HVAC quote.

On May 28, 2019, 15 tornadoes devastated the Miami Valley in Dayton, Ohio. It's been a year and a half since we experienced the Memorial Day tornadoes, but the memory of the damage it caused is still fresh in many minds. Watch the video to see how Habitat for Humanity and Logan Services helped a local Vietnam War Veteran, Kenneth Johnson, and his family that was dealing with unlivable conditions.

Sick Building Syndrome refers to a person or people getting sick from a direct correlation of spending time inside a specific building.You can do many things to help keep your family safe in the home and lower SBS effects. Watch the video, as our expert Cameron discusses the results and the solutions to Sick Building Syndrome.

We want to make sure you are staying comfortable, healthy, and safe as temperatures change from season to season. Watch one of our experts, Zane, in the video. He will discuss home comfort with staged HVAC equipment, home health with furnace filters and UV lights, and also how to keep your home safe with carbon monoxide detectors and annual furnace checks.

Logan Services understands that seasonal allergies are nothing fun to deal with. In addition to the clean air products that we provide to customers, here are more ways to combat those seasonal allergies. Watch our video and read on to learn more about getting some relief from symptoms while indoors.

In order to help keep you cool and comfortable, watch our expert Scott, answer some of the most frequent questions we receive during the summer months regarding air conditioning.

High humidity is an excessive amount of moisture in the air; it's uncomfortable to be outside during these humid days, but it's even more unpleasant when the high humidity finds you indoors as well. Watch our video and read on to see how you can control humidity in your home.

Whether you are experiencing a blank thermostat or another technology glitch in your HVAC system, it's possible that your wifi 824/850 Trane thermostat will need to be rebooted. Watch our step-by-step video and read on to learn how to reboot your Trane thermostat.

There are a lot of myths out there when it comes to keeping your home cool in the summer. How do you separate fact from fiction? Watch as we help to set the record straight about some common household cooling myths…

Changing your furnace filter is extremely important for your system to stay in great working condition. If you weren't sure how to change out your Perfect Air Plus filter or just need a refresher, watch our expert show you step-by-step how to change your Perfect Air Plus filter.

Many contractors that build homes will put what they call a ‘Builder’s Grade’ furnace and air conditioner to a Trane HVAC system. In this customer testimonial Al Summers tells us why he decided to go with Logan Services to replace and upgrade his heating and cooling system.

You may feel cooler when you have a ceiling fan running but we'd like to bust this myth that they cool down the room. Ceiling fans do NOT condition the air, they just move air. Watch our video to learn more about how ceiling fans move the air and what you can do to cool down a room.

We caught up with our service manager, Chris, who was visiting a customer with 30+ year Trane heating and air conditioning system. We asked him to share his thought about Trane and how customers can best decide when it’s time to officially stop an old Trane unit. Watch our video and read on to learn more about when to consider HVAC replacement.

Did you know that the air inside your home is five times more polluted than the air outside? Only 10% of home in the United States have an air cleaning system that is efficient enough to eliminate harmful pollutants. Watch our video to learn more about air cleaning/filtration systems for your home.