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Friends & Family Rally To Win New A/C For Loved One In Need

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Recently, the team at Logan Services finished giving away not one, but two air conditioners to some very deserving winners of our 9th Annual A/C Giveaway, who had been affected by the Memorial Day tornadoes in the Dayton area.

Now, to celebrate our 50th anniversary, our team is going to keep the giving going! We’ve chosen three more winners to receive free Trane air conditioners. Now we are excited to announce the first of these three winners:

Congratulations to Brenda Smith from Milford for being chosen to win a new Trane air conditioner!

Brenda received multiple nominations from friends and family alike. Brenda has multiple health issues, and was without a working air conditioner to get her through the hot months of summer. Without a working a/c, dealing with these health issues was much more difficult. Window units were helping the family get by, but they are loud and expensive to operate.

That’s when her family and friends discovered our 9th Annual A/C Giveaway.  In an effort to show Brenda their appreciation for how hard she has worked to provide so much for them, those who were closest to her decided to take action and share stories about her hard work ethic and caring heart with our team here at Logan Services.

In one of the entries, her friend Megan told us, “She has a huge heart and literally would give her last dollar to help someone in need even if she needed it for herself. Brenda currently doesn’t have a working AC unit and recently has had some health issues arise and it has been made more difficult living in a home with no air…. Brenda is a loving, hard working mom and grandma that could be much blessed with this free unit. Thank you so much for the opportunity to nominate such an amazing woman.

Recently, Brenda celebrated her birthday. To make the day even more special, our team decided with her family to share the news with her over the phone while her friends and family were gathered around her. Tears of joy were shed and Brenda was given a much-needed breath of fresh air with the new air conditioner installed. Now she’s keeping cool instead of suffering through the hot summer heat.

Being loved by family and friends so much is the best sense of comfort, and our team at Logan Services was happy to add home comfort to that list as well. Brenda’s family and friends are happy and extremely grateful that not only they can see the Brenda’s amazing qualities, but that a local company was able to take notice as well.

Congratulations again from all of us at Logan A/C & Heat Services!

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