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Does Rain Affect Your Air Conditioner?

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We’ve had a lot of rain hit our area lately and you may be wondering, “Does all of this precipitation really affect my air conditioner?

Because air conditioners are made to withstand the outdoor elements, light rain doesn’t impact it’s performance. When heavy downpours and flooding occur, it could be a different story.

To learn more, our spokesperson Amanda sat down with one of our experts, Chris, to ask him about it.

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Can Rain Damage Your A/C?

Our expert weighs in on this common question to tell us that rain itself does not cause much of a threat to your outdoor unit, because the system is made to be out in the elements and exposed to these conditions. The only thing that may cause a little bit of a problem is if you were to take your electrical panel off and leave it off, allowing a large amount of rain to get into it. The air conditioners have panels on them that cover and protect them, so you should not be concerned about a/c damage when it is raining outside.

Should You Cover Your Air Conditioner?

Although you may have seen covers on the air conditioners of some of your neighbors, our expert, Chris, informed us that covering your air conditioner is not recommended. The tarps and covers can trap in moisture and rust out parts, such as your coil. The unit is not able to breathe with a cover on it. He recommended that if you need to cover your air conditioner, to use a board with some bricks on it to keep it from blowing away. This is only to keep debris such as leaves from falling down into the system.

So, with more rain in the forecast, keep in mind that you should not cover your air conditioner with any type of tarp and to make sure that it stays open. The unit will be just fine. Tough, durable, and reliable – what we expect from Trane.

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