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Fact or Fiction: Ceiling Fans Can Cool Down My Room

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Before the cooling season in ColumbusDayton, and Cincinnati, Ohio officially hits, we’d like to bust a myth out there about ceiling fans in your home.

Ceiling fans do NOT condition the air, they just move air.  That movement may make the air ‘feel cooler’, but a ceiling fan has no way of controlling the temperature within the room.

Why should you need to additionally condition a room? 

Many homeowners find it essential to properly heat and cool rooms in their home for health reasons, comfort reasons, or even to get a proper night’s sleep. A ceiling fan may even be used to help overcome a poorly operating cooling system or a home with no central cooling at all.

What can be used to add proper cooling to a room instead of a ceiling fan?

In many homes throughout Ohio, the traditional, ducted heating and cooling system does not have the capacity or the technology to adequately keep all rooms a consistent temperature.  Homeowners that choose Logan A/C and Heat Services have trusted its team of experts which recommend Mitsubishi Electric ductless heating and cooling applications for rooms and spaces that experience hot and cold spots or a lack of heating and air conditioning.

How does a ductless HVAC system work?

Mitsubishi Electric mini-split systems are designed to both heat and cool spaces up to 400 sq ft.  The system requires an indoor powerhead attached to an outdoor condenser with a copper line set.

These systems are controlled by the homeowner using a remote to select various temperatures, air speeds, and air-flow direction.  The control can be programmed to run at various times of the day, and the system can even be controlled by using a remote app called KumoCloud.

Where are mini-split systems best utilized?

The short answer may be any room you’ve felt a ceiling fan is necessary, however through the 10+ years of installing these systems our team at Logan A/C and Heat Services have found the most popular applications tend to be located in the following areas:

What seasons are ductless HVAC systems generally used in?

Operating at more than 25 SEER (extremely efficient), homeowners in the greater Cincinnati, Dayton, and Columbus markets have found that Mitsubishi Electric offers solutions for both heating season and cooling season.  A multi-zone ductless system allows homeowners to zone temperatures throughout the home so each room is conditioned to the needs and desired settings of the occupants regardless of seasonality.

How can you learn more about Mitsubishi Electric ductless HVAC solutions?

The team at Logan Services offers free in-home estimates to get your project started. Once you select the system that will work best for your home, budget, and comfort needs an installation date will be scheduled.  Most installations take just one day.

For more information regarding the Mitsubishi systems available from Logan Services, visit our Mitsubishi Electric product page.

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