Heat Pump Replacement

If your heat pump is getting up in years but still providing you effective heating and cooling, it’s hard to know when to replace it. Your heat pump is an investment, and it’s natural to want to keep it running as long as possible. At Logan A/C & Heat Services, we have been helping Ohio homeowners to get the most from their heat pumps since 1969. With the right upkeep and routine maintenance, you might be able to get up to 15 years of practical use from the equipment.

Even if things seem to be going well, it’s still a good idea to consider heating pump replacement service in Columbus once your equipment is about 10 years old. You can count on us to provide the expert installation that gives your heat pump the best possible start.

When to Replace Your Heat Pump

In many cases, you won’t get an obvious sign that you need to call us to schedule heat pump removal and replacement. Over time, you may see a decrease in output and efficiency that are so gradual that you barely notice them. Here are a few ways that you can tell it’s time to make a decision:

  • Equipment is 10+ years old: Heat pumps might be rated for 15 years, but new models are so much more efficient that it’s worth considering a replacement after 10 years.
  • Your energy consumption is rising: Heat pumps can be highly efficient compared to other types of heating and cooling, but you probably won’t get the same output from the machine as it gets older.
  • Your machine isn’t working well: It may seem like you’re better off dealing with an older unit, but minimal function may be costing you more than you think.
  • You need expensive repairs: Repairing an old unit doesn’t give it the advances in heat pump technology you can get with the latest models. If your repair bill costs about half what you would pay to replace, you are probably better off replacing it.

Heat Pump Replacement Costs

The best way to figure out how much you will pay for heating pump replace service is to call us to request an estimate. Heat pumps vary significantly in size, and the cost relates closely to size and the complication of installation. At Logan A/C & Heat Services, we provide a free estimate based on our analysis of your home’s heating and cooling load. We know that replacing your heat pump in Dayton is an investment, so we’re happy to discuss your financing options as well.

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Call Us for Heat Pump Replacement Today

For more than 50 years, we at Logan A/C & Heat Services have made it easy for Ohio homeowners to rely on us for expert heat pump replacement. We serve dozens of communities across the state, from one of three locations near you:

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With our care for your long-term satisfaction and our expertise, you can trust us to provide great service and professional installation for your heat pump in Cincinnati. For more information about our services or to schedule heat pump replacement service in Cincinnati, Ohio, contact us today.