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Ways To Keep The Heat Out To Help Your AC System

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Temperatures outside are rising, which is enjoyable when we are relaxing at the pool or out for a bite of ice cream; however, this heat could also mean more stress being put on your air conditioner operation, causing your home to be less comfortable.

You want to keep cool in your home without overworking your HVAC system. To assist your ac in cooling your home this summer season, consider these ways to keep the heat outside of your home.

Cook Outdoors

We are used to cooking inside, but heating up your stove, oven, or any other large indoor cooking appliance will only add heat to your house. Opt for cooking outside on the grill, and make meals or side dishes that can be refrigerated for future meals. This will help keep the indoor temperature down and will assist your ac system from overworking and running more than often.

Keep Blinds/Curtains Closed

Keep blinds and curtains closed during the day. If you keep the blinds or curtains open, the sun will shine in and will gradually warm up your home, making the air conditioning system work harder to cool the house down. If you want to make sure that no sun will make it through those curtains or blinds, consider blackout curtains.

Open Return Air Vents

Make sure the air vents in your home are opened up and check that all of the HVAC registers in your bathrooms, bedrooms, and any other rooms are open. Air vents can end up closed for many different reasons; keeping them open throughout the house will increase airflow, which can be essential in your home staying cool, and will help your HVAC system run properly.

Turn On Exhaust Fans

When taking a hot shower or bath, turn on your bathroom exhaust fan. This will help to draw out the heat and humidity that will spread throughout the house. If you have to cook inside on your kitchen appliances, turn on your kitchen exhaust fan to draw out any heat that might be collecting in your kitchen. Keeping heat and humidity out of the house will assist your air conditioner operation in keeping your home cool and comfortable.

Turn Off Lights

Lights will heat up rooms the longer they stay on, so when you walk out of or leave a room, turn the lights off so they don’t increase the temperature of the room. Keeping the lights off when they aren’t needed won’t only help with keeping the house cool, but it can also help with energy savings.

Tightly Close Doors And Windows

Close exterior doors and windows tightly and make sure your windows are locked. This will help from warm air leaking into the house; when doors and windows aren’t tightly closed, warm air can slip into your home and cause the indoor temperature to rise. Keep your cooling system from overworking and make sure doors and windows are tightly closed.

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