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Summer Pet Safety Tips [VIDEO]

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We’ve already experienced numerous hot days this spring and summer season! Since there is still a lot of hot weather left to come this year, it’s important to keep your pets safe during the sweltering heat. Watch this video and read below to learn three easy ways you can keep your furry friends safe all season long!

1) Keep your pets HYDRATED.
Whether you are playing indoors or outside, make sure there is plenty of water for your pets to drink. Dehydration can be a big problem in the summer for animals. Be sure to check your pet’s water bowl several times throughout the day to ensure there’s enough water available for your pet to fill up on.

2) Offer your pet some SHADE.
Shelter them from the hot sun. You may have a dog house or even a cool location under some trees for your pet to enjoy the great outdoors. This will help any dog cool down after extensive playtime during the summer.

3) Bring them INSIDE.
If temperatures rise to extremes – please do what you can to offer your pet some relief by bringing them into your cool air conditioned home. Even some time in a cooler basement will give your pet some much needed time away from the heat. A good rule of thumb is that if the temperatures outside make you uncomfortable they most likely are for your pets as well.

**Lastly, here’s a tip that will help you maintain your air conditioner**


Often times, this is a place where he or she may like to go – but stop this behavior immediately if you can. Over time, pet urine will damage and corrode the metals used in your air conditioner, leaving you with an expensive fix or the possibility of having to replace that air conditioner.

Do yourself and your home a favor by stopping this bad habit from developing as soon as possible.

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