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Three Reasons To Change Your Furnace Filter This Weekend

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It’s another hot day with another warm weekend ahead of us. However, these high temperatures aren’t going to last much longer. Why not take advantage of the warm weather this weekend and check some home maintenance projects off of your to-do list?

Changing your furnace filter is something that should be done every month, and is one of the simplest things you can do to make sure your furnace and air conditioner will be able to keep up with the changes in temperature.

Here are three reasons to make sure that changing your filter is on your to-do list:

1) Keep Your System From Overworking

If your filter is dirty, airflow through your heating and cooling system is restricted. When this happens, your system will have to work harder to send the air through your home. The system is likely to overheat, which could cause long-term damage and even a breakdown. This breakdown will often occur during the hottest or coldest days of the year when your air conditioner and furnace will need to work the hardest. Changing your furnace filter will help to keep this from happening and could even extend the life of your heating and cooling system.

2) Save Money On Utility Usage

While your system is overworking from a clogged filter, it is also operating inefficiently as it tries to produce the same amount of warm or cool air for your home with less airflow. Utility usage will rise quickly with the system having to work harder. Paired with annual maintenance, changing your filter is one of the best and easiest ways to keep your heating and cooling system running at its highest efficiency.

3) Breathe Easier During Allergy Season

The end of summer already heralds the beginning of outdoor allergy season around DaytonCincinnati, and Columbus, so wouldn’t you want to make sure that you can breathe easier inside your own home? A dirty filter will only serve to spread more dust and allergens throughout your home as the air passes through it, worsening the symptoms of allergy sufferers. Keeping a clean filter in your system will help to keep the air in your home cleaner. You can also considering upgrading your filter for even better allergen filtration.

Don’t know how to change your filter? Check out these easy steps »

While you work on your end of summer to-do list, why not schedule your annual furnace maintenance? You can request an appointment today »

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