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The Questions We Ask When Scheduling A Duct Cleaning

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Logan Services is proud to offer professional duct cleaning as part of our HVAC services for your home. A duct cleaning can be very beneficial for indoor air quality; removing dust, dander, and debris accumluated in your ducts will help you breathe cleaner air and help your system operate more efficiently.

Before scheduling your duct cleaning, our customer service representatives will ask some specific questions about your home. We ask these questions to ensure we provide you with a correct quote and have the right equipment when we enter your home. Read on to learn more and prepare for what we ask when scheduling a duct cleaning

What Kind Of Furnace Do You Have In Your Home?

Our team will ask for the type of furnace you have and the system’s location to make sure we can take on the cleaning. We provide duct cleanings for gas and electric furnace only since we don’t work with boiler, oil, or geothermal systems. If your heating and cooling system is located in a basement or closet, we’ll have no problem scheduling, but we will need more details if the furnace is in an attic space. If you are unsure if we can provide cleaning to your system, our knowledgeable staff is happy to help answer any questions

Do You Have Flex or Metal Ductwork?

Our team can perform a duct cleaning on both metal and flex ductwork. However, if there is flex ductwork present in the home, we will ask for the age of the home. If flex ductwork was installed before 2000, we would want to proceed with caution as our cleaning equipment could cause possible damage to that type/age of ducting. We ask for this upfront so that our duct cleaner can be prepared when whe enters your home; he will evaluate the size of each vent so he can determine which brushes and sizes he will be using for the cleaning.

Not sure what type of ductwork you have? See our reference photo below

How Many Vents Do You Have in The Home? 

Before scheduling a duct cleaning, we will ask how many vents you have in your home; this includes the number of registers and cold air returns. Therefore, before calling to book an appointment, go ahead and check all rooms and levels of the home and add up the number of vents throughout. This information is necessary to get an accurate quote for the duct cleaning service

What Is Your Availability?

Now that we’ve provided you with a quote for your duct cleaning, our customer service representatives will confirm your contact information and provide you with an appointment time based on our availability. Depending on the size of the job, our technician can typically perform a duct cleaning within 4 hours, so you’ll want to plan accordingly.

Are you ready to schedule a duct cleaning or other HVAC services? Talk to the friendly team at Logan Services today to any of your heating and cooling needs in the DaytonCincinnati, and Columbus areas. 

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