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How You Can Prepare Your Home For An HVAC Installation

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You have called our friendly Sales Coordination department to tell them why you need your HVAC system replaced. We then scheduled you for a free in-home estimate with one of our knowledgeable Comfort Consultants to find the best options for your heating and cooling system replacement. Our team then said we would be out the next day to do your installation, and you will be back to home comfort soon!

You might be thinking, “WOW, that was fast.” Indeed, this process goes fast, but you can help it go even quicker by preparing your home for our installers. How can you prepare your home for HVAC installation?

We sought our installation teams’ feedback. You’re about to read the below advice from the individuals who install residential heating and cooling systems day in and day out.

Here is what our HVAC installers thought you should know:

Clear Your Driveway

Our installation team will pull their equipment vans into your driveway for easy access to the new furnace and air conditioner, along with other equipment needed. Moving your cars to one side of your driveway or the street helps our installers park in the driveway. Their van will be closer to your home so they can readily grab their tools. They will also be able to move both the old HVAC equipment out and new equipment in with better ease.

Make An Accessible Path To The Furnace

You don’t have to clean your house for us to come and install a new heating and cooling system. Just make sure there is an accessible path from the front door or garage door to your HVAC system’s location inside of the house. Giving our team a clear way to get back and forth will ensure that you return to home comfort sooner rather than later.

Prepare Access To Your Breaker Box

Just like making an accessible path to the HVAC system, allowing a clear route to your electrical breaker box makes to make sure the power is off or on for specific processes they are doing.

Know Your Wifi Password

With your heating and cooling system replacement, you will often be set up with a Trane Home wifi thermostat. This thermostat makes things easier for you; enjoy new features, including the ability to program your HVAC system, get alerts from your thermostat, and control your home’s temperature from your phone. Knowing and having your wifi password ready helps our installers set up and connect the Nexia thermostat to your phone and your home’s internet in the most timely fashion.

Crate Your Dog, Cat, or Other Animals

We love meeting our customers’ pets! We understand that your pets can be friendly, but we don’t want your furry friends to get out of the house while our team works inside and outside of your home throughout the day. Our professionals recommend that you crate or block off your animals during your HVAC installation. This way, they won’t escape from your home while our installers go in and out of doors.

Plan On Us Being There A Full Day

On the day of your HVAC installation, you will want to plan on our team being in your home for a full day. We will come in and assess the project, remove the existing A/C and furnace, install the new HVAC system and any air quality products, and then thoroughly test both heating and cooling equipment. Once that has been completed, we will take the time to explain the new system to you. Everything that we do to get you back in a comfortable home will take time; it is this detailed process that allows us to provide a quality HVAC system installation that meets and exceeds the highest standards in our industry.

Sit Back and Allow Our Team To Work… We’ve Got This!

Our HVAC installation teams have been extensively trained to replace the heating and cooling system in your home. They are knowledgeable, experienced, and you can trust they will ensure your new furnace, air conditioner, or heat pump system is installed correctly. Just remember, you don’t have to entertain us. Our team is in your home to work and get you comfortable again.

If you haven’t contacted our fast, friendly team yet for your heating and cooling replacement, call today! We will get you scheduled for a free in-home estimate, and our installation team will get you comfortable in no time. Contact our DaytonColumbus, or Cincinnati office for any of your home heating and cooling needs.

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