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How Our Experts Help Homeowners With HVAC Replacement

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With the hot weather in full force in the Ohio region, you might notice that your air conditioning system is not working to your liking. Maybe it isn’t blowing cold air, the system is not cooling efficiently, or the equipment is just getting older and less reliable. Whatever the issue may be, replacement to a new two-stage HVAC system could be in the near future.

When you decide on getting an estimate with our Logan Services Comfort Consultants, they will provide you with the best options for your home. Our team will ensure your comfort needs are met and that you get what’s most important. We talked with 3 of our experts Zane, Ty, and Scott, about how they speak with customers to learn about their comfort needs and what they like best about two-stage systems

Listen to the Emerson podcast episode featuring some of our heating and cooling experts in Cincinnati, DaytonColumbus

What Type Of HVAC System Do You Need?

Our Comfort Consultants are coming into your home because you need something regarding your heating and cooling system, which is ultimately home comfort. When it comes to residential HVAC, everyone has different needs; it could be the efficiency, how loud your outdoor unit is, or that your HVAC system isn’t cooling the second floor correctly. We are there to ask your questions, find out what’s most important to you in your home, and provide you with the best solutions. Zane told us, “The key is finding out what’s most important to the homeowners; everyone is going to have their different hot buttons and the things they care more about.” So our comfort experts will ask questions upfront and gauge the most significant comfort concerns for the homeowner to tailor the conversation and the equipment solution to those needs.

Why Are Two-Stage HVAC Systems Recommended?

The main reason you turn your air conditioner on is actually due to excess humidity in the home, rather than just heat. The additional moisture we feel in the air during an Ohio summer makes the heat even more unbearable, and that’s why we recommend a two-stage cooling system for your home. A multi-stage or two-stage HVAC system will ultimately deliver comfort and will also lead to better energy savings. Two-stage systems can run at longer cycles at those lower outdoor temperatures; with this, you will experience more air rotation, more air filtration, and more consistent temperatures. While homeowners may think their home is too small to require two-stage technology, our expert, Ty, says not to worry about the size of your house. “A small house is irrelevant when it comes to two-stage; it’s about dehumidification and comfort.” Two-stage heating and cooling equipment is an excellent comfort solution for any home, and our team has countless experiences installing these popular Trane HVAC systems.

Why Choose Logan Services For HVAC Installation?

At Logan Services of DaytonColumbus, and Cincinnati, we feel that the level of service we provide is unlike any other in the industry. Our comfort expert, Scott, shares that “We are going to do the right thing for the customer and do a good service for them by making sure we resolve their issues.”

Zane also interjected, “You need to believe in the product and the company. We believe that Logan Services will do the best for the customer. At the end of the day, that’s the thing that matters most, and our customers will see that and feel comfortable partnering with us.”

A homeowner faced with HVAC replacement will find comfort choosing Logan Services for HVAC replacement for many reasons, including:

– Fast, Friendly Service: Same-day estimates and next-day installation is often available.

– High-Quality HVAC Equipment Options: Offering one of the best brands available, Trane heating and cooling systems are a consumer favorite due to their reliability and durability.

– Professional HVAC Installation: Our installation team’s work is held to the highest standards in the industry! Countless hours of ongoing training, thorough quality testing, and the pride and work ethic of a team that genuinely CARES is what makes Logan Services HVAC replacement unlike any other!

– Reliable Customer Support: Our local representatives help answer any questions you may have throughout the process and post-installation to ensure you are delighted with the work that we provided in your home.

If you are ready to replace a single-stage HVAC system with a two-stage HVAC system or just need to get an estimate, give our friendly team a callLogan Services is proud to serve the surrounding DaytonColumbus, and Cincinnati areas with professional heating/cooling services

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