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How Much Does A New Furnace Cost?

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Whether you are being proactive due to having an old heating system or you are experiencing issues with your home furnace, when it comes time to replace the unit, you’ll want to start planning for the project.

While you may assume getting a ‘ballpark price’ for furnace replacement would be beneficial, you may want to invest more time in being educated about the multiple heating replacement options that are available in Ohio today.

The question, ‘how much does a new furnace cost?’, is difficult to answer without knowing more about the project scope AND comfort and efficiency needs for the home and your budget.

The ‘average price of a new furnace’ can be answered in a broad way, but it may not give you a true idea of what system is best for your home. When it comes to getting furnace installation pricing, you are best off getting an in-home HVAC quote from a professional.

Read on to learn the main factors that determine the cost of furnace installation in Cincinnati, Dayton, and Columbus, and why you can benefit more from an in-home estimate, rather than a ‘ballpark price’.

Heating Equipment Brand/Manufacturer

There are many good HVAC manufacturers out there, but not all equipment is created equally. Therefore, the quality and reliability of the products can vary depending on the manufacturer that makes the equipment. When replacing your furnace or air handler, consider choosing a brand that has a great reputation for durability and customer satisfaction.

Furnace BTU Sizing

What size furnace do you need? Will your home require a 60,000 BTU, 80,000 BTU, 100,000 BTU, or more? While it’s likely that your old heating system was properly sized, it’s not uncommon to learn that the size of your furnace needs to be adjusted due to improper sizing, room additions, newly finished spaces, or more. Getting an HVAC professional to perform a load calculation in your home to confirm the size of air conditioner you need will benefit you greatly, and the price of the cooling unit is dependent on the BTU size needed.

Heating Efficiency Options

When it comes to heating system replacement costs, AFUE (Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency) plays a significant role. Much like a car and the ‘miles per gallon’ rating, the higher efficiency rating of your HVAC system, the more you will expect to save on your utility usage. A high efficiency furnace will come at a higher upfront cost than a baseline model, but you’ll be able to recoup the savings in energy (and then some!) in the upcoming years. Always be sure to consider the utility usage saved and comfort gained with equipment with higher AFUE and SEER ratings when comparing furnace and ac quotes.

HVAC Installation Company

One of the MOST IMPORTANT variables in any heating and cooling replacement project is choosing the company who installs the equipment. The best HVAC equipment in the world won’t operate properly if it’s not installed correctly. Remember to choose a reliable and reputable HVAC installation company who comes highly recommended to replace your furnace; the installation cost might be higher, but the peace of mind you’ll receive by selecting a quality company will far outweigh any potential headaches you receive with a poorly done install.

Seasonal Promotions

Depending on the time of year, manufacturers, companies like Logan Services, and even utility companies will offer a variety of seasonal HVAC rebates that can help to save you money when you purchase a new heating system. Some of the best deals are extended to homeowners in the ‘non-peak seasons’, which may include the early fall, winter, and early spring. Consider also any furnace replacement financing promotions that are offered; when paired with 0% APR financing, a new heating system can be purchased at an affordable monthly price to fit your budget.

Economic Factors

Whether due to inflation, labor shortage, equipment availability, impacts in supply chain, etc., there are numerous factors that can impact the average price of furnace replacement. In our experience, we’ve seen price increases become more frequent due to these recent economic factors. The price of a new HVAC system can fluctuate depending on the current state of the economy, both locally and nationwide.

After reading this, you may now understand our hesitancy to answer the question: Can I get a ballpark estimate on a new furnace? At Logan Services, we are happy to have a conversation tailored to you and your home, as well as your comfort needs.

It’s our pleasure to educate you on the heating and cooling technology that is available for your home. Our free, in-home estimates take approximately 1 hour, and when we’ve properly assessed your best heating and cooling system choices, we’ll present that to you with a price at the kitchen table.

Ready to schedule your FREE ESTIMATE? Get a DaytonCincinnati, and Columbus furnace quote from our team of professionals. Use our convenient online booking tool and start living more comfortably at home today!

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