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It’s time for a new furnace. It can be somewhat overwhelming having to research furnace replacement before it comes time to make an investment in your home. The good news is that with continued improvements in HVAC technology, there’s a lot of choices available. Logan Services is here for you, and we’ve got some information provided below to help you understand more about fuel-type, furnace size, and furnace cost below.

Signs It’s Time To Install A New Furnace SystemFurnace Installation

There are numerous signs that it’s time for furnace replacement. However, the number one reason that homeowners replace their furnaces is age. Most furnaces are built to last 10-15 years. Through repetitive use and lack of maintenance, furnaces start to lose efficiency. 

Undersized or oversized furnaces can lead to a very uncomfortable home and expensive energy costs. Furnaces that are too small will run excessively to keep up with demand, never fully heating the home. A furnace that is oversized will leave hot and cold spots throughout the home and will lead to unnecessary utility usage. Furnace installation in newer home developments is almost always undersized, and this can cause problems for new homeowners.  

Old furnaces and furnaces that have not been maintained can often produce high energy bills. In some cases, utility costs can outweigh installation costs of a new furnace! That’s alarming! Thousands of our customers replace their furnaces each year in effort to lower utility bills for heating costs. 

If a furnace isn’t heating properly, or if problems are suspected with the existing system, labor costs from repairs can quickly add up. A cracked heat exchanger, broken blower motor, a faulty flame sensor, or problem with the control board can all lead to costly repairs. If a furnace repair has been needed three or more times within the last year, it’s definitely time for furnace replacement. 

Many times, furnace replacement boils down to home comfort. Hold and cold spots, drafty air, or fluctuating temperatures from room to room can make almost any homeowner want to find better heating solutions.

Types of Furnaces We InstallFurnace Installation

Logan A/C and Heat Services installs a variety of Trane products for furnace replacement, including systems that can improve the overall feel of your home. 

Gas Furnace Installation

When replacing your furnace, you’ll want to consider whether a single-stage, two-stage, or multi-stage furnace is right for your home and your comfort needs. A single stage furnace is a basic furnace that will do an adequate job of heating your home. A two-stage furnace or multi-stage furnace will provide longer runtimes at lower speeds which will enhance the airflow of your home and create more even and balanced temperatures of the home. The furnace installation time of these applications is generally the same. It usually takes just one day to complete no matter the stage application. 
Gas furnaces also are measured by their energy efficiency. If your furnace is old (let’s say 20 years old), it’s probably 80% efficient at best. A new gas furnace is up to 96% efficient, and it can really help reduce the utility usage when it comes to heating your home.

Propane Furnace Installation

A propane furnace is much like a natural gas furnace. If propane is used as the fuel source, it’s likely because natural gas is not available in that location. Many rural homes use propane as a source of heating fuel. A propane tank is needed to hold the fuel rather than receiving fuel through lines running underground in a community. Propane is sometimes used as a more modern source and more efficient fuel rather than an oil furnace. An oil furnace tends to produce dirty debris while burning, and the fuel oil tank can be very costly to fill each season. 

Propane furnaces are available as single-stage, two-stage, and modulating units. They also come in a variety of efficiencies up to 96% energy efficient. 

The difference between propane furnaces and gas furnaces is that propane units are much more expensive to operate. Propane can be costly, and that’s why many propane furnaces are paired with a heat pump rather than an air conditioner to create a dual fuel system. Propane furnaces use different types of gas valve than the natural gas furnace, and the fuels operate at different pressures.

Electric Furnaces Installation

An electric furnace (also called an air handler) can also be used to heat a home if there is no natural gas or propane hookups. An all-electric home requires no fuel line connection, and there is no venting required since electric furnaces do not emit harmful carbon monoxide gasses. An electric furnace will be paired up with a heat pump, and the heat pump will be able to adequately heat the home on milder winter days. When the temperatures drop, the electric furnace will kick in to add backup heat to the home. An electric furnace will tie into the ductwork system just like gas. No new ductwork necessary to use an electric heating system.

How Much Does A New Furnace Cost?

When preparing for furnace replacement, it’s important to know that installation costs really depend on the furnace size, efficiency, brand, and quality of the installer. The average price for a new furnace varies from $4,000 to $8,000. 

Furnace replacement cost has a lot to do with the BTU size (British Thermal Units), as well as efficiency levels of the furnace. 

Expect to pay a bit more for high efficiency furnaces, however, also expect furnace energy efficiency to increase. 

Knowledgeable and caring installers are what truly lead quality furnace installation. You may end up paying a bit more for labor and installation costs when hiring an installation team with years of experience and continual training, but remember, you get what you pay for. When it comes to a home improvement project that requires use of gas lines and electricity, make sure you select a company that pays attention to detail and that does not cut corners. 

Logan Services can help you with installation of your new furnace. Choose our team by beginning with a free in-home estimate. 

Why Choose Logan A/C and Heating Services for Your New Furnace Installation?Customer With New Furnace

No time is a good time for a furnace breakdown. If your furnace is on its last leg, and you want to improve the comfort and efficiency of your home, schedule a free, in-home estimate to learn what furnace type is best for your home. Save money, time, and energy by relying on the experts at Logan Services. Our fast, friendly team won’t leave you in a pinch when you need help quickly. We offer next day installation on Trane heating and cooling systems. Most installations take just one day. Our goal is to leave your house feeling better than what it was when we first got there. All of our furnace installers are licensed employees. We do not work with subcontractors. So don’t let furnace repair get in the way of creating a comfortable home with a new heating system. We treat our customers like family, and we hope to help you design a heating and cooling system that will match your home and your budget. 

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