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Aluminum Coils Vs. Copper Coils In Your HVAC System

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The inside components of your HVAC system and how they work may be an intriguing subject. Your heating and cooling system is very much like a puzzle and each piece works with another to produce home comfort. Logan Services provides Trane systems that have been tested and proven to live up to high reliability and durability standards year after year. 

New technology advances the HVAC industry and these changes improve indoor comfort. One of these improvements includes upgrading the evaporator coil material from copper to aluminumEvaporator coils are very important to the proper operations of the cooling cycle. They loop the refrigerant through the system and dispel hot air to the outside. 

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We asked our Logan Services Comfort Consultants for information on indoor aluminum evaporator coils so we can provide you with a closer look at why aluminum coils are a better choice than copper coils

When Did Trane Start Producing Aluminum Coils?

Trane technologies has made numerous improvements to its systems through the years, but more recently, it has changed from copper evaporator coils to aluminum evaporator coils to help make your HVAC system last longer. Decades ago, Trane patented an all-aluminum, outdoor, spine fin coil. Today, only Trane and American Standard offer spine fin technology in their product line-ups. Trane was also the first brand to use aluminum for the indoor evaporator coil. Following Trane’s lead, other brands have now started manufacturing all-aluminum indoor evaporator coils

Why Choose an Aluminum Coil?

The aluminum coils have an oxidation protection which copper does not offer. All-aluminum coils prevent formicary corrosion and will not rust as much over time like copper. The aluminum coils are also more resistant to pinhole leaks giving a longer lifespan to your HVAC system. When you have a leak in a coil, you lose refrigerant and it cannot cool your home properly. These leaks are often among the most expensive issues to repair in an HVAC system. Our experts say that for the past few decades more service technicians and brands have come to trust the durability of aluminum more than copper. 

How to Care for the Coils in Your Outdoor/Indoor HVAC System

Many contractors tend to install new coils uncased because it is easier and quicker for them to install rather than fitting the ductwork to the cased coil. At Logan Services we always, when able, pair a cased coil with the inside unit. With any coil brand or manufacturing material, Logan Services recommends having a technician clean your HVAC coils on a routine basis during annual maintenance visits

If you find that your air conditioner is losing efficiency during this warmer weather, you may be experiencing some evaporator coil issues. Give our friendly team a call for some guidance through your concerns. Our team serves the neighborhoods and the surrounding DaytonColumbus and Cincinnati by offering HVAC replacementrepair, and routine maintenance

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