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The Trane TEM Air Handler is a great, reliable, replacement option for homeowners will all-electric HVAC systems. Known for durability, this electric furnace, paired with a Trane heat pump, is the perfect electric heating system for your Dayton, Columbus, or Cincinnati area home all year round.

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Why Choose a Trane TEM Series Air Handler?

Recently, there has been a shift to electrification regarding home heating and air conditioning. Electrification is said to lower the average household carbon footprint, all while still offering homeowners an opportunity to supply their homes with ducted heating and cooling solutions. Heat pumps have recently been a hot topic in the heating and air conditioning industry. A heat pump is the outdoor electric unit responsible for heating and cooling your home. However, in Ohio, you need a backup source of heat on colder days. If your home is all-electric, that electric heat source is called an air handler.

Trane manufactures multiple air handlers to suit a variety of homes, budgets, and lifestyles. At Logan A/C and Heat Services, we proudly offer homeowners the TEM series air handlers. TEM series provides our customers better value than TAM series through the following benefits:

Sound Level

Insulated cabinet for quiet operation

Fuel Type



Both single and variable speed units are available. Variable speed units offer Comfort-R™ for enhanced dehumidification during the cooling season.


All Trane air handlers have a 10-year registered limited warranty on the coil and all other internal functional parts.

What are the Types of TEM-Series Air Handlers Offered at Logan Services?

TEM 4  M-Series Air Handler:

The TEM 4 is an entry-level M-series Air Handler manufactured by Trane.  The unit offers an all-aluminum coil and rust-resistant cabinet.  Like other Trane heating and cooling units, the TEM 4 is built to last and tested to prove it, so that it can reliably bring complete comfort into your home. The ECM fan inside the unit will help you save on electric usage. 

TEM 6 M-Series Air Handler:

Trane’s TEM 6 air handler offers a variable speed fan inside to distribute warmed and cooled air evenly and efficiently throughout your entire home, leaving you to feel like you are entering an oasis every time you step inside. Comfort-R™ is offered on this unit.  This feature allows better summer dehumidification to ensure more comfortable indoor air. Trane patents Comfort-R™. Contact your local HVAC dealer today to see how easy it is to add an air handler to your existing HVAC system.

A TEM 6 operates at a lower speed, allowing slower airflow through your indoor filtration system, such as an electronic air cleaner, UV-light system, or 4-inch media filter.  In this case, slower is better! The decelerated air increases the catch rate of particulates and microbes that can make your home dirty and cause you to feel sick. 

TEM 8 M Series Communicating Air Handler:

Similar to the TEM6, the TEM 8 M Series Communicating Air Handler is a variable-speed unit that also offers communication between the thermostat, heat pump (which sits outside), and indoor equipment.  Communication links all of your HVAC system components through Trane’s Comfort-R™ technology. That means the M Series Communicating Air Handler can send and receive messages, ensuring all heating and cooling system components work together, giving you maximum comfort through top system performance. Communicating systems work hard, so you don’t have to worry about feeling uncomfortable in your own home.


The all-aluminum coil found in the TEM residential air handlers is exponentially more durable than standard copper coils, which are susceptible to formicary corrosion. These all-aluminum coils ensure families stay comfortable indoors all year long, no matter what the weather outside.

Rust Prevention

Trane residential air handlers come with a no-rust polymer drain pan along with galvanized cabinet features to keep things running and looking good for a long time.

Matched Options Made Right

The introduction of the TEM residential air handlers allows more flexibility for addressing special applications for all of your heating and cooling needs. With a variable speed motor, and Comfort-R technology, the TEM Electric Air Handler offers efficient home comfort at a price that is easy on the wallet.

*Warranties are for residential use only; some exclusions may apply.

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