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Trane S9V2

s9v2 trane furnace

The Trane S9V2 Furnace is a great choice for ultimate comfort for homeowners in Dayton, Columbus, and Cincinnati. This heating system is a top pick of local consumers and provides comfort and maximum efficiency. With variable speed technology, the S9V2 furnace by Trane produces a more even temperature throughout your home, which helps to eliminate hot and cold spots.

Trane S9V2 Furnace Benefits

Heating Efficiency: up to 96 AFUE
Sound Level: Insulated cabinet for quiet operation
Design: Re-designed cabinet platform to fit in tighter spaces
Fuel Type: Natural Gas or Propane
Stages: Two-stage
Warranty*: Lifetime limited warranty on the heat exchanger and 10-year limited warranty on internal functional parts with registration

Trane S9V2 Furnace Reviews

This Trane heating system is a popular choice for consumers, and, combined with a new air conditioner or heat pump, is sure to bring total home comfort to your home all year-round. Read below the reviews our customers have shared about their experience with their new Trane S9V2 furnace installation.

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Features Of The S9V2 Heating System

Industry-Changing Cabinet Design - The S-series furnace cabinet is designed to accommodate virtually any home, and is certified to be airtight to less than 1%.

Efficient Performance - The S9V2 is rated at 96% gas efficiency (AFUE), and the Vortica™ II blower is one of the most efficient in the industry, providing energy savings in both winter AND summer.

Comfortable, Even Heating - With stainless steel primary and secondary heat exchangers, and the ultra-efficient Vortica™ II variable-speed blower, you can count on a consistent flow of warm, comfortable air with quiet operation.

Cleaner, Healthier Indoor Air - Add Trane CleanEffects™ to your system for advanced air filtration that removes more dust, pollen, and other irritants from conditioned air for a cleaner, healthier, more comfortable home.

*Warranties are for residential use only, some exclusions may apply. For all coverage options, check with Trane.com or your independent Trane dealer.