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Cool, comfortable, clean air… that’s what you’ll experience when you hire the team at Logan Services for your air conditioning services. Learn why it may be time to replace your air conditioner, the benefits of upgrading your HVAC system, and how to contact our team for all your HVAC needs below.

Signs You’ll Need a New Air Conditioning Unit

Hot summer days in Ohio can cause a lot of wear and tear on your air conditioner. Your AC system may show warning signs that you need an air conditioner replacement. If your HVAC system is not cooling properly, consider these factors while weighing the pros and cons of a new unit: 

Age of the AC

Age has a lot to do with the operation of your air conditioner. It’s important to ensure everything is working properly on a seasonal basis. If you’ve recently had a maintenance checkAir Conditioner Installation performed on your current system, the technician may note rusty coils, high amp draws on the fan motor or compressor, weak component capacity, or a burnt/pitted contactor. All these issues require costly repairs while prolonging the inevitable installation.   

Frequent Repairs

If you’ve had to request service three or more times for your current unit, it’s time to start collecting some estimates and planning for AC installation. It can be difficult to quickly track down the parts you need, which could leave you in a pinch. 

High Energy Bills

The older the unit, the less likely it will operate efficiently. Efficiency levels have improved significantly over the years, so operating an old air conditioner could come at a high cost in terms of utility usage. 

Energy bills could also be high because of improperly sized equipment. Many put in “builder’s grade” systems or install AC units too small for the house. Although new, they don’t efficiently cool the home and leave a lot of hot and cold spots while racking up heavy utility usage. 

Poor Cooling

Airflow issues due to outdated technology, trouble with humidity removal, and disregard for annual maintenance lead to a dirty system incapable of maintaining a cool house. When the system can no longer keep up, it’s time for air conditioner replacement. 

Benefits of Getting a New AC Unit

It’s not always the heat that causes discomfort; it’s the humidity. Is your air conditioning system up to the task? Higher temperatures with lower humidity are more comfortable than lower temps with higher humidity. 

How can this be achieved? Two-stage air conditioners or modulating air conditioners will better remove humidity from the home by operating at longer, lower runtimes. Here’s how else a new air conditioner can improve how your home feels.

Better Air QualityTrane A/C Newark

Newer air conditioning systems tend to move more air. With improved airflow, the air in your home will pass through your filtration system more efficiently, resulting in cleaner air. The slower the air moves across the coil and electronic air cleaner, the better it can improve the air quality within the home. 

If you have a UV light, run the fan continuously after your AC installation. Slowing the air movement will pull more dust from the air. 

Lower Energy Bills

A new air conditioner will look much larger than your last model, but don’t let the size of a new unit scare you. Bigger outdoor and indoor coils are needed to achieve better efficiency (Don’t worry – most of the time, new equipment can be placed in its current location). Increasing the surface area for the coil will allow more air to flow through unrestricted. This helps remove more heat and humidity, making the heating and cooling system more efficient. Remember, the heating system works alongside the cooling system, so it’s a good idea to consider replacing both at once. 

Better Comfort

In a cooler, drier (less humid) home, you’ll have the opportunity to get a better night’s sleep. With a new air conditioner from Logan Services, you may be able to raise the temperature a degree or two on your thermostat due to better humidity removal. Remember, less humidity equals a cooler feeling home in the summertime. For two-story homes, we often recommend mini splits (or ductless applications) for improved results when drying out the air.

Enhanced Home Value

When you improve the mechanics of your home, you improve the value of your home. You’ll spend more time loving your dwelling space and feel confident that your research led you to the best new AC system for your home.    

Start reaping the benefits of a new air conditioner now. Logan Services offers next-day installation, so you don’t have to wait for comfort.  

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