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Your Questions About HVAC Air Duct Cleaning Answered

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You may be surprised to learn that the ducts in your home hold many different things that you are breathing in daily. You can find dust, dirt, pet dander, smoke and even toxins that can affect your indoor air quality. With everything that could be released and floating in the air, you might need an HVAC air duct cleaning.

duct cleaning is a popular service that we provide homeowners looking to free their HVAC ducts of dust, dirt, and toxins. After a duct cleaning, you will breathe in healthier indoor air, and you may see a difference in your allergy symptoms and the accumulation of dust in your home.

Since air duct cleanings are so beneficial for your home, we get frequent questions from customers regarding our process and the effectiveness of the service. Read on to learn some of the answers to our frequently asked questions about duct cleanings.

Is A Duct Cleaning Really Worth It?

Yes, we believe that, if done correctly, a duct cleaning is a valuable service that can bring significant benefits to your home. Because you spend a majority of your time indoors (especially during the cold weather months), you and your family can benefit from the improved indoor air you are breathing as a result of a duct cleaning. As a bonus, this service can also improve the way your HVAC system works and runs, allowing for better airflow through the ductwork.

What Is Your Duct Cleaning Process?

Logan Services has a precise process on how we handle duct cleaning in your home. A simplified version of our process is as follows:

  • Our duct cleaner will assess the job.
  • Our team will start cleaning with our Rotobrush equipment.
  • Registers and vent covers will be swept with a shop-vac.
  • A sanitation spray will be released into the ductwork.
  • Our duct cleaner will clean up and finalize the job with you.

You can read and WATCH more about our duct cleaning process here >> 

How Does A Duct Cleaning Improve My Heating and Cooling System?

With everything that can build up your air ducts, like the dirt, dust, and dander, it could clog up the ducts. A duct cleaning will help to clear the air ducts and allow for proper airflow throughout the system. You will also see a difference in your furnace filter. Keeping up on HVAC duct cleaning will help your filter from getting clogged as quickly. A clean air duct system and furnace filter will work together to save money by removing the pressure from your HVAC system and potentially lowering your energy usage.

How Does A Duct Cleaning Improve My Indoor Air?

duct cleaning will help improve your indoor air quality in many ways. Those who suffer from allergies can expect to alleviate symptoms, as a duct cleaning will remove excess pollutants and dust from the ducts leading to each room. If you have pets in your home, this cleaning service will help remove extra pet dander, fur, and hairballs that can clog and aggravate your system. A duct cleaning can also eliminate foul or musty odors that you might be experiencing due to debris and pollutants collecting within your ductwork.

How Do I Know If I Need A Duct Cleaning?

The National Air Ducts Cleaners Association recommends cleaning your air ducts every three to five years. Most often, we will schedule duct cleanings with customers who have moved into a ‘new to them’ house, as it is a great way to ensure that the home’s ductwork has been cleared of the previous owner’s dust, pet dander, and other pollutants. Routine duct cleaning appointments are also popular with those who have pets. We also see many homeowners upgrading their HVAC system by booking a duct cleaning service shortly after replacement; this can help the operation of their new heating and cooling equipment.

How Expensive Is A Duct Cleaning?

While numerous companies offer duct cleaning services, it’s important to understand that not all duct cleanings are the same. If you are getting a quote for an HVAC duct cleaning, you’ll want to inquire about the thoroughness of the process the company offers as well. As we all know, you often get what you pay for, so you’ll want to keep this in mind when choosing a company for your duct cleaning. Our duct cleaning quotes are provided based on the home’s size and the number of vents and registers the ductwork holds. Call our team at 866-514-1978 (opt 2) or submit an online request today to get your duct cleaning quote.

Do you still have questions about our duct cleaning service? If you are looking to schedule a duct cleaning for the upcoming months or need some more information, call our friendly team today. The Logan Services team performs professional air duct cleanings in the DaytonColumbus, and Cincinnati areas.

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