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What Is A Gas Furnace Burner And How Are They Maintained?

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Your furnace is like a puzzle; it has a lot of different pieces and components that work together to make sure your home is comfortable and warm. It’s essential to have your furnace maintained each year to ensure that it works correctly and does not break down

One of the main components of your furnace is the furnace burner, which helps to distribute heat throughout your home; this piece, just like all the other pieces, need to be maintained. In the video below, you will see Craig C., our senior service technician, show you how we maintain the furnace burner and how it helps your furnace work.

What Does A Furnace Burner Do?

The heat created by a furnace is generated in the burner. For example, natural gas ignites to create heat in a sealed combustion chamber and receives air from a vent outdoors. The sealed chamber protects you from the poisonous exhaust fumes created in the burner. The furnace burner forces gas through its burners, and they direct the flame into the heat exchanger. This heat will then be distributed throughout the home. 

How Long Do Furnace Burners Last?

In most cases, the furnace burners should last the furnace’s lifetime, but in damp conditions or when using propane gas, the burners may rust. Rusting is a problem that furnace burners have to deal with as it is a very corrosive gas. Stainless steel burners are used on propane furnaces to help eliminate this issue. If the burners go bad, the flames will not migrate down the burners, and the furnace will not fire up. You will need to call our team if you experience something like this. 

When Should I Maintain My Furnace Burners?

Maintenance on the furnace should be done once a year before the heating season. When you have our HVAC professionals out to your home for furnace maintenance, they will check everything to ensure it’s running properly. If you think your furnace burners need to be cleaned, you will want to call us out, and we will clean them. Our service technician will open up the furnace, pull the furnace burner out, and clean it with a wire brush or sanding cloth. 

When was the last time you had furnace maintenance performed in your home? If you are due for HVAC system maintenance, you can contact our friendly team to schedule a tune-up or sign up for a maintenance plan in DaytonColumbus, or Cincinnati

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