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Ways To Keep Your Friends and Family Comfortable During The Holidays

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With the holiday season quickly approaching, it’s easy to get ‘wrapped up’ in decorating, planning, cooking, and hosting. When it comes to your home, this is the time of year when you may have your plumber on speed dial; while you are trying to avert a plumbing disaster, don’t overlook the importance of your home heating and cooling system.

Even though they are more commonly thought of, plumbing companies aren’t the only busy professionals during the holidays. HVAC companies, like Logan Services, are frequently being called upon for help as well.

Your heating and cooling system operates at high levels during the Thanksgiving and Christmas seasons. With the changing of the weather, the in and out of people coming through your home, and additional temperature swings your kitchen may provide, it’s essential to keep those who are dearest to you safe and comfortable with a reliable HVAC system.

There are ways to keep your home comfortable for all the people in your home during the holidays. Read on to learn our tips to ensure your home stays cozy for the upcoming holidays.

Keep Furniture Away From HVAC Vents

When you have a family gathering, you might be moving furniture around to make the seating and space more accommodating to your guests. Pay attention to where you are moving the furniture. Make sure nothing is blocking any of your HVAC registers while also confirming that they are open. Open and unrestricted vents will allow the room to feel more comfortable with an even temperature throughout.

Use The Kitchen Exhaust Fan

The kitchen is a hot spot (literally) in the home during family gatherings. This central location is where all of the cooking happens and where the food is displayed and served. With the steam from food cooking on the stove and the oven’s heat, humidity can build up quickly. A way to eliminate some of that heat and humidity is to turn on the exhaust fan in your kitchen to help pull some of it out of the air, making it more comfortable.

Change Your Furnace Filter

Changing the furnace filter will keep your HVAC system running efficiently, keeping the heating equipment and the air clean. If the furnace filter gets dirty or clogged, it will block the airflow. Restricted airflow can cause your HVAC system to overwork itself, which could lead to an untimely breakdown. We recommend checking your furnace filter once a month and changing or cleaning it when dirty.

Get Your Furnace Ready

Your heating system just sat dormant for the summer season; is it ready to provide reliable winter comfort? Gain peace of mind going into the holidays and count on our team at Logan Services to maintain your heating system. For your convenience, we offer maintenance plans that include (2) seasonal tune-ups, discounts on parts and labor, as well as priority service. Our experts will test the system during your furnace tune-up and ensure all critical components are running at peak efficiency. If you haven’t already scheduled your furnace check for the season, you can contact our friendly team for more information and sign up for our maintenance plan today.

Install Clean Air Products

Even though this doesn’t deal with the home’s temperature, clean air products can help keep your home healthy. Now more than ever, a healthy home is so important when you have friends and family over during the holidays. Logan Services offers the Perfect Air Plus (PAP), which is a whole-home electronic air cleaner that electrically charges particles in the air. Easily installed in your standard filter rack, PAPs will remove harmful allergens, remove mold’s food source, trap odors, and has a safe, dependable operation. Our team can also install UV Light Purifiers, which freshens recirculated air when homes are closed to outdoor air and destroys 99.9% of viruses and bacteria within the air ducts.

If you feel that your furnace isn’t working as efficiently as it should or are ready to make improvements for cleaner indoor airLogan Services can help your home reach its optimal comfort. Call or text the friendly team at Logan Services in DaytonColumbus, and Cincinnati to get a free in-home estimate for HVAC system replacementrequest a service call, or schedule a maintenance appointment today.

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