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Ways To Avoid A Home Heating Nightmare In Your Home

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It’s the Halloween season, and we’d like to treat you to some tips concerning furnace care this fall so you don’t get tricked with monster service costs or even harmed by the serious problems furnaces can cause.  If you follow the steps below you won’t fear the furnace in your basement, utility closet or crawl space.  We’re here to help you avoid the worry and the hassle of dealing with furnace problems.  Be prepared rather than scaredand enjoy the spirit of the season!

Monster Utility Bills

The majority of your home’s energy costs (up to 49%) can be attributed to running your furnace and air conditioner.  For most homeowners in Ohio, the weight of this percentage is usually one of the biggest factors when considering furnace repair or replacement.  The older your furnace and/or air conditioner, the more energy it could be using to heat/cool your home to the desired temperature setting.

A Savings Vampire

Is a vampire living in your basement?  You may tend to believe this metaphor if you’ve had to pay for unexpected furnace breakdowns or untimely repeat breakdowns.  If you’ve had three or more HVAC service repair calls – your furnace is sucking away your savings, and it’s time to take action on replacing the furnace.  In the long run, this move will be much easier on your wallet (and most likely your anxiety levels)!

A Seriously Scary Situation

One of the scariest and most serious concerns with older gas or propane burning furnaces is Carbon Monoxide (CO) exposure and poisoning.  After several years of usage, the walls of your heat exchanger within your furnace can wear down and crack.  This would cause CO to seep out of furnace spreading through the house.  Carbon Monoxide can also leak out of the venting pipes of your furnace.  You can’t taste, touch, feel, hear CO – Sadly, many homeowners don’t even know they have it – until it’s too late!  It can make you sick.  It can poison you.  It can kill you.  Carbon Monoxide poisoning has taken the lives of homeowners right here in Ohio.  Let’s be vigilant, and let’s all do our part to not let that happen this year.  –For starters – get yourself a carbon monoxide detector, and install it near your furnace today!

Avoid A Furnace Nightmare

No one wants to deal with monster utility bills or expensive HVAC service calls that will suck dry a savings account, or deadly Carbon Monoxide.  Instead, a simple way of taking good care of what you have is by investing in an HVAC maintenance plan.  We’ll come to check and clean the furnace once each year, and also check and clean your air conditioner.  This maintenance is much like getting an oil change for your car.  You want to make sure everything is working properly.  This is preventative care to avoid problems – not a reactive visit where you know something’s wrong because your furnace isn’t working.  Maintenance will also help validate your system’s warranty – so be sure to schedule these visits each year!

If now is the time to treat your home to a heating/cooling upgrade, our team at Logan A/C and Heat Services can help.  We offer 0% APR financing for 60 months.  This may help keep your monthly payments (and worry levels) in check!  Also ask our team about seasonal manufacturer discounts and current local utility rebates that can help save you even more on the upfront investment of a new system. 

Don’t let home heating and air conditioning scare you.  Instead, let our team stop any nightmares from occurring at your home.  Home heating should feel good, not frighten you.  Allow us to offer your family the value only our family can provide, and enjoy a happy, safe, and fun Halloween season. 

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