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Popular Questions Regarding The Age Of Your Air Conditioner

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With temperatures heating up and your air conditioner running harder to keep your home comfortable, you might start thinking about the age of your system. The age of your air conditioner can be the reason you are experiencing a breakdownless efficiency, less comfort or could be the root of other problems you might be experiencing with your system

Read on and watch our Comfort Consultant Scott answer questions about the age of air conditioners and what it means for your home. 

Are Newer A/C Units More Efficient Than Old Units?

New air conditioners use the latest technology and new types of refrigerant that make them run at a more efficient rate. In addition, updates in SEER (Season Energy Efficiency Ratio) rating have also changed throughout the years. The minimum SEER efficiency rating is 13, it used to be around a 10 SEER rating. When looking at your energy bills, that rating difference contributes to a 30% difference in your energy efficiency

Furthermore, some may not know that your air conditioner will tend to lose efficiency throughout the years. For example, if you installed a 14 SEER air conditioner ten years ago, likely, it’s no longer operating at a 14 SEER rating through no fault of its own. Older air conditioner units have been running for longer and go through more wear and tear. When comparing the efficiency you will gain with a new air conditioner, keep this in mind. 

What Is The Typical Lifespan Of An Air Conditioner?

Experts tell us that an air conditioner should last about 15 years. Some ac units last longer and can keep your home comfortable for a much longer time. The main factors impacting HVAC lifespan include equipment brandsystem usage, and maintenance habits. Our team has also had to replace some ac’s that don’t make it to the 15-year mark, either due to system breakdowns or lost efficiency, where replacement is more cost-effective than repair

Signs That It Is Time To Replace Your A/C

Multiple signs can show you that it might be time to replace your air conditioner. Some of those signs include: 

  • High Utility Bills: Your A/C is your biggest user of electricity in the summertime. If your utility bills are getting higher in price, it could be due to system age and lost efficiency.
  • Lack Of Performance: If your home feels uncomfortable with uneven temperature and hot spots, it could be time for replacement
  • Loud/Unfamiliar A/C Noise: You hear noises coming from the air conditioner.

When To Know The Best Option – Repair Vs. Replacement

It’s tricky to know which option will be cheaper and more budget friendly. Some people get out with a minimal, inexpensive ac repair and get more time out of the existing air conditioner. However, due to age, the number of part repairs, and if the ac isn’t working, your best option might be ac replacement. When you do replace your air conditioner, you can have peace of mind knowing you have a brand new ac with a 10-year Trane parts warranty. 

Look Out For Builder’s Grade AC In New Homes

Many new homes are being built, and many people are moving into newer houses; just because the home is new, it doesn’t mean that the HVAC is the best. Builder’s give multiple cosmetic options like paint colors, cabinet options, and countertops, but there likely aren’t many options offered for an air conditioner. Usually, a builder’s grade air condtioner is what you will see with new homes. Builder’s grade HVAC units are less efficient and don’t dehumidify well, but with an upgrade on the ac system, you can experience more comfort and balanced temperatures

If you are experiencing air conditioning issues due to age, Logan Services can provide you with a free in-home estimateCall our team in DaytonColumbus, or Cincinnati to schedule your appointment for A/C replacement

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