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How Yard Signs Help Small Businesses

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You have probably seen this in your neighbors’ year this year more than any other year, that’s right… a yard signYard signs are a “thumbs up” statement for the displayed business/individual/cause that people are proud to share and advertise to those around them.

They are a frequent sign now, but where did the notion of a yard sign begin? How effective is such a small and common lawn display? Read on to learn about the history, assortments, and impact of the yard sign.

The History Of Yard Signs

The origin of the yard sign is believed to have started in Ancient Rome; the Romans would scribble on walls to advertise their political purposes. They didn’t have much room to write, so the message had to be short and concise to get their point across. Much like we see on yard signs now, there is little writing, but enough to make a statement. America embraced the yard sign in the 1820s when John Quincy Adams wanted a leg up on his political opponent. He convinced townspeople to put his signs in their yards. Since this election, yard signs have been used in every presidential election.

The Different Types Of Yard Signs

While it may seem to dominate your neighborhood during this election year, yard signs are for more than just political campaigns. Think of all that you’ve seen in your community; whether to show what school you support, the church groups you want to drive awareness to, or community events you wish to help promote, yard signs come in different forms. One other impactful type of yard sign is those that promote local businesses, specifically in the home improvement category.

How Yard Signs Help Local Businesses Like Logan Services

This year more than any other, small local businesses are looking for help anywhere they can get it. Pay attention to the yards around your neighborhood. You may see a sign for someone advertising the painting, roofing, or HVAC company they recently used. Our team at Logan A/C & Heat Services leaves yard signs with all of our customers; we encourage those who have partnered with us to share their experiences with others and be a first-hand, local testimonial for our work.

Our customers are proud to display who installed their new furnace and A/C, and the team at Logan Services is thankful for those who do; this yard sign is a compliment of our work and the services we provide. While it may seem like it’s ‘just another yard sign’, our team sees it as a symbol of trust and satisfaction. When a customer shares a yard sign with their community, we and others know that Logan Services did a great job installing the new HVAC system or providing service/maintenance. We are happy to help and are appreciative for those customers who refer our services to their neighbors. Learn about our Referral Rewards program!

If you think of getting a free, in-home estimate for your home heating and cooling replacement project, Logan Services will provide you with a yard sign for you to place in your yard for a week. This yard sign gives you a $100 discount on your installation of a new HVAC system.

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