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Good Nights Ahead With Mitsubishi Ductless

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Bedrooms, especially master and second-floor bedrooms, are some of the most popular places to make use of Mitsubishi Electric Cooling & Heating ductless mini-splits. We often see the need to fix hot and cold spots in two-story homes, all throughout the DaytonColumbus, and Cincinnati areas. Here are just a few of the ways a ductless system can help make your bedroom more comfortable place to sleep.

No Worries About Ductwork Complications

Too few cold air returns, inadequate ductwork, and long duct runs often attempt to keep a bedroom comfortable, but fall short. Instead of ripping out a wall to add a return, adding a mini-split is less invasive while providing you more comfort. Not only that, but while you spend time in the other rooms of your home or out of the house, you are able to turn the mini-split either off or down in order to save on utility usage.

Airflow No Matter The Ceiling

While tray, cathedral, and vaulted ceilings are pretty, it is more difficult to condition the air in the rooms that have them. Heat rises, leaving a hard to heat room in the winter and a hard to cool room in the summer. Ceiling fans will move the air, but they won’t condition the air. A Mitsubishi mini-split will provide better airflow while also conditioning the air to a desirable temperature.

Get A Better Night’s Sleep

We all have a certain way that we prefer sleeping. Some of us like to feel warmer, while some prefer it to be cooler. A mattress can only bring you so much comfort. Beyond that, your heating and cooling will need to take over to give you a good night’s sleep as well. Mitsubishi mini-splits are remote-controlled, and allow you to change the temperature in the room from the comfort of your bed. Also, unlike a noisy window unit, a mini-split’s quiet operation won’t keep you awake through the night.

Proper Air Filtration

You could always open a window in order to keep a room at a cooler temperature. However, Mitsubishi’s mini-splits will help circulate the air for a more consistent temperature while also offering anti-allergen filtration. Properly filtered air is going to offer healthier breathing conditions, which is important in a room where you will spend approximately eight hours a day as you sleep.

It’s time to start thinking about real solutions to your hot/cold spots, and time to start feeling more comfortable in your own bedroom. Are you ready to learn more about how a ductless system could help in your home? Schedule an estimate with our team!

Learn how Mitsubishi ductless systems can bring comfort to your bonus roomgarage or sunroom too!

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