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Builder’s Grade HVAC: What It Means For Your Home

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Is you home 10 years old or younger? If so, it’s possible that your heating and cooling system is “builder’s grade” equipment. If you are relying on this type of equipment to keep you and your family comfortable, you may want to consider planning for HVAC replacement

Read on and watch our video below to learn more about builder’s grade HVAC equipment and what it means for your home. 

What Is Builder’s Grade Heating & Cooling Equipment?

Builder’s grade heating and cooling equipment is typically one of the cheapest, least efficient, and least reliable types of equipment in HVAC systems. This HVAC equipment is usually readily available to contractors building or working on newer homes. Builder’s grade furnaces and air conditioners are lesser-known brands and composed of low-grade materials. 

Why Do Home Builders Use Lesser Quality HVAC?

It’s common for a contractor to use a builder’s grade HVAC system when constructing a new home. A home builder is often on a tight budget and will try to find ways to save in certain areas of the project in order to have additional funds available for more aesthetic home features. In many cases, the homeowner is unaware of the HVAC options they have and agrees to the upfront cost savings that a builder’s grade heating and cooling system provides. 

How Long Do Builder’s Grade Air Conditioners Last?

Unfortunately, builder’s grade HVAC equipment doesn’t last that long; it’s only built to last about 5 to 7 years. The quality of the equipment is inferior to more reputable brands and models. Because of this, you might start experiencing furnace and air conditioners problems a lot earlier than if you started with a more reliable, high-efficiency system

When Should You Replace Builder’s Grade HVAC?

You need to consider the age of the builder’s grade HVAC system; if it is around that 5-7 year mark or older, it might be time to start planning for replacement. Another thing to consider is how high your utility bills are, because with lower grade materials being used for these HVAC systems, they are going to run harder and at a lower efficiency. While you may have gotten 20+ years out of the HVAC system of your old home, 5-7 years of operation for a builder’s grade system is anticipated, so it’s best to adjust your expectations for the system lifespan accordingly. 

Why High-Efficiency HVAC Is A Great Improvement From Builder’s Grade Equipment

High-efficiency systems are a significant upgrade from your builder’s grade unitHigh-efficiency HVAC systems have the capacity to run longer while using less energy; this not only helps with keeping utility costs down but also keeps temperatures throughout the home even. You will also experience a more comfortable “cool” because the high-efficiency ac system takes more humidity and dampness out of the air. Plus, high-efficiencyvariable-speed heating/cooling systems have more airflow, which will lead to cleaner air as it keeps passing through the furnace filter

WATCH as a Logan Services customer shares their experience with upgrading from builder’s grade HVAC >> 

If you have a builder’s grade ac and are ready to replace to a high-efficiency HVAC system, give our friendly team a call. We have HVAC inventory IN STOCK NOW in our DaytonColumbus, and Cincinnati warehouses. 

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