Is Your HVAC System Prepared For The Storm?

storm hvac prep

We can all agree that rain is great for the garden and the plants, but NOT for your air conditioner and furnace. Hail and damaging winds can effect everything from your heating and cooling system, to glass doors and windows, and your roof.

Flooding can also cause major electrical issues and be fatal to a heating system and other basement equipment. In preparation of severe weather, be sure to follow these steps.

Before The Storm

  • Remove loose objects in the yard that could be blown away.
  • Install a sump pump to prevent flooding.
  • Consider installing a back-up generator to power your air conditioner if needed to keep your home liveable until power can be restored.

During The Storm

  • If you can, make sure your car is parked in the garage or other covered area.
  • Stay away from skylights, windows and glass doors.
  • Watch the radar and news alerts to learn the severity of the storm to determine if you need to take further shelter.

After The Storm

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Storms that produce electric outages and rain is just one of the ways that weather conditions can impact your HVAC system. Learn about what other seasonal conditions yield and how that can take a toll on your home heating and cooling system, as well as your home comfort...