Steps On Restarting Your Nexia Thermostat After A Power Outage

Steps On Restarting Your Nexia Thermostat After A Power Outage

As Hurricane Laura plows its way inland, Ohio might be experiencing some remnants this coming weekend. If you remember back to September 2008, some Ohio residents experienced week-long power outages produced by the forceful winds of the relentless Hurricane Ike. The forecast this weekend shows the potential for strong winds and rain to hit the Ohio region, which could knock out power.

If Hurricane Laura wreaks its havoc on us and you experience a loss of power on your HVAC system during this storm (or any storm for that matter), we have steps to restart your Nexia thermostat so you can get back to staying comfortable.

Follow these steps below to restart your Nexia thermostat if your power goes out:

  • Flip the breakers for your HVAC system and other major appliances to the OFF position.
  • Turn off power strips or unplug the power cables for other electronic devices.
  • You do not need to do anything with your thermostat.
  • When the power is stable, wait 10 minutes, then return the breakers to the ON position (one at a time.)

NOTE: Electricity and internet connectivity might not come back at the same time, so your HVAC system and thermostat could be on, but it might take additional time for Nexia to reconnect.

If you are still experiencing problems with restarting your HVAC system and your Nexia thermostat after following these steps, contact our office. A Logan Services expert will be able to help you in Dayton, Columbus and Cincinnati.

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