Nexia Automation Changes To Trane Home

Nexia Automation Changes To Trane Home

Smart thermostats have become a staple in many homes over the last few years with the way they can connect to our phones by downloading a simple app. This new technology keeps track of the temperature within our homes allowing you to check in wherever you go. You can also change the temperature and see possible alerts coinciding with your HVAC system. Smart thermostats are a great upgrade to make sure your home is always comfortable. 

Trane launched its own smart thermostat years ago called Nexia. Nexia will now be Trane Home. Upgrades made to the Trane Home digital platform will allow for a streamlined user experience in both the web portal and mobile app. The transition began on Monday, September 13, 2021, and new features will continue to roll out within the following weeks. 

What To Expect

Digital experts at Trane commented, "The new Trane Home portal (and eventually Trane Home app) will still function just as Nexia has. All of your account settings, automation, devices, etc. will be saved. The only change is that the portal and app will now display the Trane logo and colors." Users should not experience much of a change besides the feel and look of the app.

Why Trane Home Automation

Once you have a Trane heating and cooling system in your home, you may consider an upgrade to the Trane Home thermostat. This technology provides many benefits for your home comfort as a tool to help take control of your ideal home comfort settings. Benefits include:

  • Programming your home heating and cooling needs
  • Changing your thermostat setting regardless of your location
  • Setting up alerts for unexpected changes to the system, such as a temperature drop or a door opening

Logan Services has an experienced installation team that is ready to help you with a new Trane heating and cooling system with a Trane Home thermostat. If you are ready to replace your HVAC system, consider the benefits of Trane Home technology. Call our fast, friendly team today if you need HVAC replacement, routine maintenance, or repair in the Dayton, Columbus, or Cincinnati neighborhoods today.