Leap Into Savings On Home Heating and Cooling Services

Leap Into Savings On Home Heating and Cooling Services

It's a leap year, and in the spirit of 'Leap Day', we invite you to leap into savings for your heating and cooling needs this year. Whether you are looking to maintain an existing system or exploring options for HVAC replacement, we want to help save you time and money with some of the following benefits that we can offer...

Boost HVAC Efficiency With Maintenance or Service

Believe it or not, maintenance can help save you money in the long-run; every 6 months you should have a residential HVAC professional come out to do a tune-up on your heating/cooling system. Maintenance will make sure that the main equipment components are all in proper working condition within your heating and cooling system. Getting service or maintenance can also help with finding any problems that the system may have, this may help from problems becoming more serious and keep your system working great.

Take Advantage of Promotions On Heating/Cooling Replacement

Consider the time of year that you are looking to purchase a new HVAC system. This season (transitioning between winter and spring) is a great time to take advantage of HVAC discounts. Whether you benefit more from instant rebate/savings from the manufacturer or flexible terms financing, this season is sure to offer you the best promotions.

Utilize Reinstated Tax Credits For HVAC Upgrades

DID YOU KNOW that tax credits for residential energy efficiency have been extended when a new qualifying system is installed? This includes air source heat pumps, central air conditioning, gas, propane or oil furnaces and fans, and advanced main air circulating fans. The tax credit amounts do vary depending on the system that has been installed. It's always best to talk to your tax accountant to see what qualifies and get more information from them to ensure you are making the most of your investment and this limited-time incentive.

Get Money Back In Your Pockets With Utility Rebates

Our customers love saving money with utility rebates! When you replace your heating and cooling system, you can qualify for a rebate from your local utility provider. In Dayton, you can save with Vectren/CenterPoint Energy. Utility rebates can help you save money upfront soon after HVAC replacement, and then you can expect to see reduced costs in your monthly bills. It's a win-win!

Logan Services is here to help you save money with your heating and cooling needs this year. Call on our HVAC professionals to help you find a new heating and cooling system that fits your home and budget.

For more information about available savings for your needed heating and cooling services this year, visit our coupons page.

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