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As we head toward the end of summer, are you growing tired of relying on window air conditioners to keep your home cool? Whether your home has ductwork or not, there are options to keep your home comfortable all year long without the added stress of window units. If you have existing ductwork, adding on central air conditioning is a great way to utilize the HVAC system you already have in your home. Mitsubishi Electric mini-splits are also a great ductless option that can bring comfort to every room of your house with both cooling and heating.

Here are just a few of the reasons that making the switch to an alternative cooling system could be the right choice for you:

Avoid The Stress

Unless you have a setup in place to keep an air conditioner in your window all year long, it is likely that you understand the struggle of returning the heavy unit to your window every time the weather warms up, only to have to remove it as the temperatures outside begin to drop again. If you choose to upgrade to central air conditioning or a ductless system, our team at Logan Services can handle the installation process for you. With a little maintenance, your new equipment will stay in place to keep your home comfortable for many years to come.

Save Money

Although one window air conditioner may only use a relatively small amount of energy, once you are trying to cool multiple rooms and adding on additional units, the electricity usage is going to increase. Mitsubishi’s mini-splits are known for their efficiency, and high efficiency traditional air conditioners are available for installation as well, such as Trane’s XV20i. Making the switch is more affordable than you think with financing and the promotions we run throughout the year. Adding central air conditioning or a ductless system to your home will also give your home a better resale value.

Breathe Easier

When you run your furnace during the winter, air is being circulated throughout your home to keep the inside air cleaner and easier to breathe. However, when you shut the furnace off and switch to window units, the air doesn’t circulate through your home the way it would with central air conditioning. The air is focused only within the area in front of the unit, and oftentimes indoor air will escape through the open window beside the unit if it has not been fully sealed. Ductless mini-splits also provide better circulation of air than a window unit, while also cleaning the air with an anti-allergen filter.

Enjoy Home Comfort

While window air conditioners may provide enough comfort to get you by, wouldn’t it feel better to have more even cooling throughout your home? Central air will cool your entire home the same way that your furnace heats it. Or, if you go the ductless route, you can choose to have units in multiple rooms of the house to create zones of comfort for the whole family. You may also associate summer with the constant, loud humming of the air conditioners if you are accustomed to using window units to cool your home. Both ductless mini-splits and newer central air conditioning units run much more quietly than their window-based alternatives, allowing you to stay cool all summer without the added headache.

So close those windows and get ready to breathe easy, because our team is ready to help you make the switch away from window unitsRequest an estimate today »

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